NEW NewsBusters Podcast: No Fact Checks for ‘Saturday Night Live’

NBC’s Saturday Night LiveThey aired a few jokes during their latest episode, which featured Senator Republicans Ted Cruz (and Tom Cotton) and it was hilarious. Nobody expects that the independent fact-checkers will be able to find the “missing contexts” in the humor. The Babylon Bee has punished the right-leaning comedians, while liberals are given a pass by pretending Ted Cruz called Ketanji Jackson a child pedophile. Tom Cotton laughed at the notion of a lawyer for the Nazis. Humor should not be fact-checked. This applies to both the right and left.

This episode also covers:

The New York Times Book Review felt the pain of “people with vaginas.”

— CNN pretended Barack Obama has always been the victim of misinformation, and never its purveyor.

— Jake Tapper tossed rose-petal questions at Liz Cheney, who may be his favorite Republican. (Kinzinger, of course, is in the race.

— Brian Stelter hilariously avoided any mention of the hardball questions he and Anne Applebaum received from college freshmen over their Hunter Biden coverage in 2020, even though Stelter had Applebaum on as a guest on his Sunday show.

You can listen to it below, or wherever podcasts are available. 

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