Capehart: ‘No One Serious Out There Wants to Defund the Police’ (Except His Newspaper!)

You can find the PBS NewsHourOn Friday Night Washington PostJonathan Capehart insists on “”No one is serious about defunding the police.His newspaper’s editorial staff published a serious editorial in June 2020, praising the movement and calling it an idealistic vision of public safety. At the end of their Week in Review panel they discussed Biden’s remarks on crime in New York City.

GARY ABERNATHY, I was glad President Biden spoke yesterday. Another thing that I find regrettable is that he says, We shouldn’t fund the police. That should be clear. We shouldn’t defund the police, of course.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Jonathan, just — I know it’s a big subject. We have 30 seconds to speak about the shift in this debate.

CAPEHART – It moved in that one No one is serious about defunding police.

What President Biden, and certainly Mayor Eric Adams, are doing is trying to support the police but also the communities that have concerns about the way the police protect the community.

This will be the 9th June 2020 Washington Post The Editorial Board published a lucid article describing the concept of “reimagining public safety” alongside far-left AOC members. Who was there to tweet this out? 

It Post They have endorsed with great care the idea that police funds should be redirected to other agencies. 

Another demand is to abolish the police, in addition to reforming police forces. At its most provocative, this slogan is a call for reimagining public safety in America ….

It would be a good idea in most cases. Invest in alternative options before the existing institutions close.. The process should be led at the community level, because every community’s strengths and needs are unique, but a broader national conversation can expand our ideas of what is possible and what we deserve. The call for defunding the police must be seen as an invitation to reinvest into communities and to explore alternative solutions.

Capehart is well aware that these words can be dangerous for Democrats voting in November. Capehart would not suggest that his shop was unscrupulous.

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