SUV Rams ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters in Canada, Multiple Injuries Reported – Opinion

Canada is seeing the Freedom Convoy movement grow, as well as around the globe. Numerous people with machinery and thousands of farmers have protested against ineffective COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Unfortunately, the opposition to their movement has also escalated, as cowardly government leaders target the protesters as criminals, racists, and terrorists, essentially signaling it’s open season on them. Big Tech has also gotten involved by deleting the event organizer pages on social media while GoFundMe refused to disburse funds.

With that kind of concerted effort to shut down the Freedom Convoy, it’s not a surprise that things would boil over into violence. An SUV can be seen driving into protesters in a video taken either late Friday night or Saturday morning. Numerous injuries were reported.

This video was taken by an 18-wheeler’s dashcam. It shows the white SUV driver (possibly a Jeep Commander), accelerating towards a group protestors and steering out of the lane that the other cars are in. One person appears to have been run over by the SUV, and it doesn’t even try stopping. Incrediblely, this person was able stand up afterwards.

What’s noteworthy here is that the protesters were not blocking traffic or threatening anyone. Similar to the case of 2020 George Floyd riots where cars were blocked off and motorists were forced into a hurry, they had every right to be afraid for their own safety. The driver wasn’t being stopped or trapped in this instance. It was the driver who chose to intentionally strike people and leave traffic.

Follow-up videosWitnesses showed that police were on the spot. Reports of arrests are not yet available. The news media of Canada appears to operate as state-owned organs. Networks such as the CBC have been adamantly opposed to the Freedom Convoy, and continue to degrade the movement. Given that, it’s unlikely we’ll get much on the ground reporting about what occurred.

It’s a waiting game now to find out exactly what happened. RedState will update you if necessary.

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