GoFundMe Caves After Attempting to Steal ‘Freedom Convoy’ Donations – Opinion

RedState announced Friday evening that GoFundMe had shut down a fundraiser to fund the Freedom Convoy in Canada. The Freedom Convoy is a coalition of truckers, farmers and other protestors against the COVID-19 mitigation policies.

Crowd-funding sites claim they were threatened with violence or harassment. However, no proof has been provided to support that assertion. In reality, violence appears to have been caused by someone running over Freedom Convoy members in an unreported story that we broke earlier Saturday.

Worse, GoFundMe announced that it was only going to offer manual refunds, and that the unclaimed money would go to “approved” charities. That meant that thousands of people who didn’t hear the news could end up having their money go to causes they didn’t approve of. In short, GoFundMe was fine stealing people’s money for political reasons.

GoFundMe has now reacted to pressure campaigns, including threats from donors that they would use credit card charge-backs. These could have caused the crowd-funding site to pay a high processing fee per transaction. The statement they released stated that refunds will be processed automatically.

My opinion is that this was done to simplify the process, and it had more to do GoFundMe being afraid of financial reprisal from an army donor. They would have made automatic refunds if this was a move to make things simpler.

Still, I don’t think this decision should earn GoFundMe an ounce of goodwill or forgiveness. It is an organization that allows fundraising for left-wing causes. violent onesBLM riots, 2020; and CHOP/CHAZ Seattle. Further, they went so far as to advertise for those causes on GoFundMe’s official Twitter account. They also tried to discredit Gov. Ron DeSantis by encouraging people to give to scam-artist Rebekah Jones‘ fundraiser.

GoFundMe, in short, is run and owned by left-wing political hackers. They have continually shut down fundraisers with any connection to the “right,” while allowing all manner of insanity from the left. Black Lives Matter is a scam organization, yet GoFundMe never once shut down their fundraisers — even as cities burned in 2020 during BLM-organized protests.

Well-meaning individuals should stop giving money GoFundMe. It has not only shown that it is acting in bad faith but has even attempted to use donated funds to support political causes. It is disappointing that GoFundMe did not retract on this point. Other ways of raising funds for worthy causes exist, and these should also be explored. GoFundMe can be a left-wing enforcer if it wants, but only get money from the Left.

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