Feminist Professor Shames Construction Worker for ‘Men Working’ Sign – It Blows Up in Her Face

“This is what happens when you have identity politics with zero class consciousness and mix with Can I Talk To Your Manager self righteousness.”

A woman’s complaint about the purported misogyny of a construction work sign earned her the sweeping ridicule of users on social media.

Caitlyn Collins, associate professor of sociology at the Washington University at St. Louis, shared a tweet Thursday, in which she expressed her displeasure at coming upon a “Men at Work” sign.

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Not content to simply note the offensive language and move on with her life, Collins claimed she interrogated one of the men working.


Collins then purportedly proceeded to challenge the man with a series of questions, apparently intended on awakening him to the problematic nature of the sign that he almost certainly had no hand in creating.

“What if there’s a woman on your crew?” she claims she asked.

According to Collins, the man hinted that such a concern was above his pay grade. Undeterred, the feminist academic asked if there were any women on his crew. After the man replied that there were not, Collins unleashed her devastating kicker:

“Do you think maybe they’re related?”

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In response, the man, apparently bewildered by the profundity of the truth Collins had awakened him to, allegedly made the “awkwardest face.”

Social media users accused Collins of the rankest kind of out-of-touch, ivory tower elitism. “From the luxury of her air-conditioned vehicle, Washington University in St. Louis assistant professor of sociology Caitlyn Collins was triggered as she passed a road sign that said ‘men working,’ tweeting a photo of it next to her own salty face,” one commenter tweeted.

“This is what happens when you have identity politics with zero class consciousness and mix with Can I Talk To Your Manager self righteousness,” tweeted another commenter.

“Amazing how people of immense privilege feign victimhood against people who have drastically more difficult lives than them,” wrote Daily Caller White House Correspondent Amber Athey.

Other user’s takedowns of the assistant professor were more visual:


Collins, apparently in reaction to the brutal blowback, deleted the controversial tweet and locked her Twitter account.

The reaction to the sociology professor’s tweet could be viewed as a cautionary tale that demonstrates the limitations of woke ideology.


Conservatives have long argued that progressives’ virtue-signaling and the excessive policing of so-called microaggressions show how out of touch the movement is with the mainstream of American society.

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