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Woke Twitter Cancels Alyssa Milano After She Announces She Won’t Abandon Biden

Woke Twitter Cancels Alyssa Milano After She Announces She Won’t Abandon Biden

“This is why nobody likes white feminism.”

Liberal actress Alyssa Milano was lambasted by progressive commenters on Twitter after she announced Monday that she was standing by beleaguered former vice president Joe Biden, citing his record of championing women’s issues.

Biden is currently facing allegations that he inappropriately touched four women without their consent.

“I respect Lucy Flores’ decision to share her story and agree with Biden that we all must pay attention to it. But, just as we must believe women that decide to come forward, we cannot assume all women’s experiences are the same,” Milano wrote.

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Some commenters accused Milano, a feminist activist who helped launch the #MeToo movement and its attendant exhortation to “believe women” when they speak out about being victimized, of hypocrisy in light of her reaction to Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just last year.

Although the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh were unsubstantiated, Milano opposed his nomination to the Supreme Court and became a fierce advocate for Ford. “I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford,” she tweeted to her millions of followers from inside the Senate hearing where Ford testified that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

“I thought it was important to stand in solidarity with Dr. Ford and all women and men who have been victims of crazy abuses of power,” Milano told CNN in October. “And I felt blessed to be able to do that and to be there, no matter how stoic I had to be and sort of prevent myself from, you know, rolling my eyes. I just had to sit there and be stoic, and that was difficult. It was definitely an exercise in how to constrain and restrain yourself.”

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And Milano’s alleged flip-flopping was only one offense among many, according to the woke commenters that descended upon her pro-Biden tweet. The 46-year-old “Charm” star’s endorsement of white, male, powerful Biden opened the door to criticisms that she was nothing more than a fake ally: a “white feminist” who would end up siding with the “patriarchy” when push came to shove.

“Yeah, this kind of thing is why I never identify as a feminist.’ I will gladly take the lead from & caucus with the womanists, but white feminists are so problematic I want to be counted in support of them,” one disappointed Twitter user said.

“She is destroying the MeToo movement for a man who smeared Anita Hill and never apologized to her, supported segregated schools and bad bankruptcy laws,” said one commenter, whose Twitter handle betrayed enthusiasm for a Cardi B/Kamala Harris 2020 ticket.

A self-proclaimed white feminist joined in on the pile-on against white feminism, declaring, “This white feminist hates white feminism too!!”

“We need to hold everyone accountable and call them on their crap….even if they are ‘on our side’! (Note the quotation marks),” she added.

And although some liberal commenters found themselves out of the loop – “wait I thought we liked Joe Biden what happened?” tweeted one confused spectator – the clobbering continued.

Commenters unleashed with a litany of Milano’s supposed transgressions against woke ideology. “No one is surprised miss nfl cornrows is backing him,” said one onlooker as the actress was revealed to have appropriated black culture:

Her support for the problematic Washington Redskins and their “racist” logo was exposed.

Then there was the time she came out as transgender, a perhaps misguided attempted act of solidarity that triggered one commenter to remark that Milano has been “wildin’ forever.”

Many progressives were displeased with Milano’s appropriation of marginalized identities when she declared, “I’m trans,” in a tweet in early March.

George Johnson, an LGBT activist and writer, accused Milano of “oppression and erasure,” saying that being an “advocate’ isn’t the same as being a member of the community.

“You can’t just fake an experience you don’t have,” he said. “This is the ‘I don’t see color’ approach which is oppression and erasure.”

Milano sought to make amends following the controversy around her gender identity, saying she was glad to have started a “conversation” but sorry to have “offended some.” She also claimed to be identifying “with” and not “as.”

But it seems that her refusal to abandon Biden has once again earned her the wrath of the woker side of the liberal movement.

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