Brian Krassenstein Justifies Tweet Claiming First Amendment Comes After the Second

“The First Amendment always comes after the Second Amendment if you are reading it upside down … “

After erroneously claiming that the First Amendment of the US Constitution comes after the Second Amendment in an attempt to mock President Donald Trump, liberal Twitter personality Brian Krassenstein explained himself by saying that he was reading the Constitution upside down.

Krassenstein and his brother Ed are known for their intensely anti-Trump screeds on Twitter. By way of a strategy that involves them always being among the first users to reply to the president’s tweets, the duo have built up more than one million followers and become minor celebrities on the social media platform.

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Over the weekend, Krassenstein replied to Trump’s tweet accusing “Saturday Night Live” of holding a liberal bias by referencing the Constitution.

“There is something called the ‘First Amendment’. It comes after your precious 2nd Amendment. You might want to read about it,” he wrote, simultaneously suggesting that Trump’s criticism of the iconic sketch comedy show was anti-free speech and knocking him for his pro-gun control stance.

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After various high-profile commentators called him out for erroneously saying that the Second Amendment precedes the First Amendment, Krassenstein doubled-down and denied he’d made an error.

“No I didn’t mess this tweet up,” he wrote in a followup to pundits, such as Michelle Malkin, mocking him for his mistake. “The First Amendment always comes after the Second Amendment if you are reading it upside down, which I’m certain Trump does.”

Krassenstein’s flub went semi-viral, with his original tweet garnering more than 3,000 comments. Malkin’s mocking reply received more than 8,000 likes. His attempt to justify his initial tweet only served to earn him further ridicule. Washington Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold summed up the saga with a two-word, tongue-in-cheek commentary: “Flawless recovery.”

In a profile on the Krassensteins published last year, liberal outlet ThinkProgress questioned whether the brothers were “scam artists” attempting “to swindle gullible Trump opponents into handing over their money.”

ThinkProgress observed that the brothers’ tweets are sometimes inaccurate and characterized “much of the material” on the news site they run as “recycled clickbait.”


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