White Men Dress Up as Trump Supporters and Let Feminists ‘Dog Walk’ Them for Social Justice

“Sometimes it’s still necessary to toss a bigot on a leash and dog walk their ass until they are better trained.”

A group of white men on Sunday donned ‘MAGA’ hats and allowed “men and women of color and members of the LGBT community” to walk them along Hollywood Boulevard like dogs, according to a press release.

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In addition to the red caps, the dozen or so dehumanized participants wore dog tags featuring the names of “racist” white men, including former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke and President Donald Trump. The stunt was the work of Indecline, a left-wing artist collective and activist group.

A video showed the men being collared and walked on all fours along the bustling tourist thoroughfare on red leashes. They were generally docile, allowing children and other passersby to pet them. But when they reached Trump’s oft-vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they went into a canine-like frenzy.

The footage of the event was interspersed with clips of police brutality against African-Americans during the Civil Rights era, of various KKK and neo-Nazi rallies, and of Tump speaking. A cover of the Stooges proto-punk song “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” served as the soundtrack.


Indecline said the “performance” – titled “Hate Breed” – was inspired Cardi B’s Twitter feud last month with Tomi Lahren. During that high-profile spat, the feminist rapper told the right-wing pundit: “Leave me alone, or I’ll dog walk you.”

A text introducing the video further explained the concept behind the production:

Often, those most responsible for educating the prejudice are the very subjects of their prejudice, and, although they have the greatest right to anger, they understand only a calm-but-firm empathetic hand can clear the way forward.That being said, sometimes it’s still necessary to toss a bigot on a leash and dog walk their ass until they are better trained.Stay disciplined, friends.

Although Indecline claimed to have something loftier than an identity-politics revenge fantasy in mind, its patronizing tone was not lost on conservatives.

If there’s anything to the analysis that Trump was elected largely a finger in the eye of America’s condescending elite, the group might have nudged the president just a little closer to reelection in 2020.

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