Brent Bozell: Media Burying Biden’s ‘Anti-Fossil Fuel Jihad’

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell appeared on Thursday’s Varney and Co. To warn against the notion that Joe Biden is being vilified by the media, He explained, “There is a catastrophe taking place within his administration so [some coverage] is going to have to be negative.” 

But Bozell hammered the networks for repeating the President’s talking point that devastating new inflation numbers are “out of date”: “He makes a preposterous statement that that number is out of date.” Regarding high gas prices, the MRC president reminded, “When you look at the rising gas prices, by 11-to-1, they have blamed rising gas prices not onBiden’s Anti-Fossil Fuel Jihad. Russia’s gas prices are the cause of inflation. It’s all Putin’s fault.” 



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Varney and Co. 
10.51 am ET

STUART VARNAY: President Biden seems to have the support of the media. It’s unbelievable. However, they now criticize the government. You can see the video. 

… [Clips from Fox Business and Morning Joe

VARNEY: Wow. That’s a great idea. Brent Bozell will join us for this morning. Obvious question. Do the media truly turn against President Obama? 

BRENT BOZELL (English): I just finished that segment. If Joe Scarborough is on for an hour, an hour and a half, he’s bound to say something right. So let’s give him props for that. 

VARNEY: I’m sorry to put Joe Kernen in there because he’s no liberal. It’s a known fact. A good friend. 

BOZELL, Are they now turning on Biden Not necessarily. There is a catastrophe taking place within his administration so it’s going to have to be negative. But what gets me — and we have to watch for — is the spin. Spin is crucial. I’ll give you an example of this. The New York Times comes out with a poll that shows — The 9.1 inflation rate that comes out, how does Joe Biden respond? Biden makes the absurd claim that it is outdated. This is not a new number. He calls it outdated. What do the networks do with this story? They all repeat Biden’s line, which is preposterous. But it’s even more than that. The rising prices of gas are then blamed by them. They have blaming rising gas prices by eleven-to-one, not Biden’s antifossil fuel Jihad, but on rising prices. Russia. Russia is the cause of inflation. It’s all Putin’s fault. 

VARNEY: If they turn against President Obama to any extent, it is because they fear the worst and want to get rid of him. 

BOZEL: Yeah. See the New York Times poll showing that 64% of Democrats oppose him running. Stuart, I’m sorry. That number is not what I remember. Perhaps those were numbers that you used to oppose the Nixon years, when the party was turning on itself as this. That would be worthy of news coverage. The networks have barely covered it. I think it was ABC, hasn’t even covered it yet. They could not have covered political disaster. They’re aware that the wheels are coming off of the administration and need to get on top of things. They are giving administration collapse the serious treatment, with all parties heading to the door. But they’re not. 

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