LA Firefighter Has the Most Epic Response to Notice From His Department Regarding COVID Vaccine Mandate Compliance – Opinion

We’ve seen numerous instances of employees standing up to their employer regarding vaccine mandates.  Southwest Airlines was forced to reverse its policies after so many disruptions.  For a time, a picture circulated of Southwest Airlines. Southwest plane with a Gadsden Flag hanging out of a cockpit window.  Pretty Epic.

Los Angeles City Council ordered vaccination mandates to all City employees.  Both the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Los Angeles Fire Department have been affected.  RedState is told by sources that while many other City departments are making progress towards compliance, Police and Fire remain behind the rest of them by about 30%.  The Police Department was forced to delay their deadline for vaccinating because almost 30% of its employees refused the vaccine.  Non-compliance of the City Mandate could lead to dismissal and complete destruction in these departments.

But, the greatest response I have ever heard to a COVID vaccination mandate was yesterday.

The LA Times

“The Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating an incident in which a firefighter “responded inappropriately” after being handed a letter to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.”

Is that a response you would not give?  I’ll be the judge of that.

“The LAFD member responded to receiving the non-compliance letter by dropping his pants and wiping his buttocks with the letter, leaving fecal matter on the document, before dropping it to the ground, according to the Stentorians of Los Angeles City, a group representing African American firefighters.”

*Pauses for laughter for three to five minutes*

*Wipes tears from eyes*

Yes, this firefighter, who clearly has had enough of being harassed by his employer about engaging in a medical procedure to which he did not consent, acted in an “inappropriate way.”  Funny?  Absolutely.  Justified?  Potentially.  No one on the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles City Council has ever asked about the inappropriateness of legislating how anyone uses their bodies.  These same people who were chanting “My body, my choice!” just two short years ago have now jumped to demanding that someone else do something for a reason, which the vaccine that they have received and are advocating, admittedly doesn’t do.

The fact that the firefighter is Black does not have anything to do with the implementation of the mandate. However, it ignores the vast majority of reasons why Black people might distrust the government regarding the vaccination.  The majority of adult Blacks, as well their parents, were exposed to medical experiments in which the United States used Black people for guinea-pig purposes.  This isn’t ancient history.  Man first landed on the Moon during these times.  This occurred in a post-civil-rights-era time.  Yet, here is the government, yet again, forcing Black people to engage in a medical procedure to which they don’t consent.

For his backdoor behavior, our firefighter friend will not be spared.  This firefighter has been suspended pending immediate termination from the department, not for non-compliance with the department’s vaccine mandate, but rather for his hilarious protest to the compliance notice.

It is likely that he will find a more desirable place than LA.

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