Biden Stunningly Silent as Radical Leftists Promise Vile New Attack on Catholic Church – Opinion

On Saturday, radical leftists attacked some of the SCOTUS justices and went to Justice Bret Kavanaugh’s home as well as Chief Justice John Roberts. They were eventually threatened with arrest, but they quickly fled. Ironically, they were chanting, “You don’t care if people die,” as they demanded the “right” to be able to kill babies.

They are trying to obstruct justice, seeking to intimidate the justices to rule as they want, so what they’re doing goes beyond “peaceful protest.”

Apparently, obstruction of justice doesn’t matter to Joe Biden if it’s done by Democrats to get what they want.

They’re also harassing churches. A disgusting anti-abortion display was held at a New York City Church on Saturday. They also vandalized many churches with demonic graffiti and pro-abortion slogans in the few days that have passed since the publication of the SCOTUS draft opinions.

They’re also invading services on Mother’s Day, another irony. The threat was posed by Catholic priests who called for prayers and attendance.

What is the radical solution? They are a radical response.

Invading churches in order to disrupt worship is another potential crime. Burning the Eucharist can be considered a hateful attack on religion. Where is the condemnation by the “oh so Catholic” Joe Biden as these people threaten his religion? He and his team couldn’t even bring themselves to condemn the harassment of the justices. The attack on the churches is met with a stunned silence from them. That speaks volumes.

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