New Yorker: ‘Devastated by the Abortion News? Try Primal Screaming’

Do you find it hard to believe that Roe vs Wade might be overturned by the Supreme Court? At least, according to leaked documents. Michael Schulman is the man to thank.The New Yorker has a sort of helpful suggestion:  “Devastated by the Abortion News? You might try Primal Screaming.

A group called Abortion Access Front had set up a “Primal Scream Station,” with placards of the six conservative Justices’ faces. Molly, an employee of Abortion Access Front was seen in a sequinned Vulva costume. “This is my summer vulva outfit,” she said. “Unfortunately, we have to do so much protesting that I have a winter vulva outfit as well.” She yelled, “Step right up! You can be a primal screamer. Flip ’em off!” Some women screamed loudly and counted down to three. Wobbling, Molly said, “That made me want to have a cigarette—Jesus Christ!”

If you are curious as to what abortion primal screaming is like, Libsof TikTok will show you an example.

As ear-piercing as the primal screaming is, at least it is a harmless way for the pro-abortionists to get their rage out of their system. The pro-abortionists still believe that the leak will bring the court back into the middle.

But the reality of reproductive rights wasn’t just hypothetical; it was personal and cross-generational. Four thirty-something women were grouped together. One had had an abortion, and the other had been with a friend to the clinic. Daniele, in a green turtleneck, had texted friends who play in a band with her (“twee-inflected feminist K Records-y pop”), hoping, since the Supreme Court’s opinion was still a draft, that “if we really scare the s–t out of them they’ll change their minds.”

Nancy Pelosi encourages a surge of “public sentiment” in order to shift the SCOTUS tilt. 

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