Biden’s New Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Already Has a Massive Conflict of Interest – Opinion

On Thursday, it was finally officially announced that Jen Psaki would be Joe Biden’s press secretary no longer. After months of reporting she was long-standingly able to host an MSNBC opinion show, which would have been a serious ethics violation, it has now been officially announced that Jen Psaki will be retiring on May 13.

Her replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, has taken to the podium several times over Biden’s tenure, and you’ll be less than shocked to learn she’s just as dishonest as Psaki.

But she’s following in her soon-to-be-former boss’ footsteps in more ways than one. Jean-Pierre, like Psaki has a huge conflict of interest. Namely, she’s in a relationship with a CNN personality.

President Biden’s trailblazing pick for his new press secretary is already being accused of creating troubling conflicts of interest because of her long-term relationship with star CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux…

…While Jean-Pierre’s groundbreaking pick for the White House post was widely celebrated, it also left some questioning her and Malveaux’s impartiality. CNN’s recent scandals have included now-axed host Chris Cuomo’s behind-the-scenes meddling in brother and then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandals…

…Soon after Jean-Pierre’s new gig was announced, Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of the right-wing news outlet Breitbart, tweeted, “This is one of many examples of the corporate media LITERALLY in bed with the government it covers.”

I’m old enough to remember when CNN’s own media “watchdog,” Brian Stelter, used to gnash his teeth over the connections between the Trump White House and Fox News. He also complained that Kayleigh McEnany had joined Fox News just months after Trump’s death.

We have the Biden press secretary literally in a relationship with an important CNN reporter. I’m struggling to think of a stronger conflict of interest that could exist regarding the White House comms team. Stelter, the rest, and CNN have been remarkably silent. Jean-Pierre has received all of their praises. It’s so convenient!

The news industry wouldn’t have standards at all if they didn’t have double standards. While this example is the most egregious, I can think of many other examples. Going back to the Obama years, you had officials not just going to do opinion shows on networks like CNN and MSNBC, but becoming “hard news” reporters. Stepping back further, George Stephanopoulos, who once ran Bill Clinton’s war room, is the lead anchor for ABC News.

Jean-Pierre won’t be straight shooting. We knew this already.

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