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Joe Biden was given a horrible job report yesterday.

According to CNN, this was indeed the worst year. But that didn’t stop Biden from spinning it as some kind of a triumph of his “plans.” It’s like he’s living in a complete fantasy land, divorced from the truth, even complete with his own stage to present the picture he wants to present — not actual reality.

Biden still has Americans and Afghan allies trapped in Afghanistan with no plan, nor seeming care to address what’s happening with those people, including kids from California. The inflation is out of control and there are predictions that there will almost double the number of illegal migrants crossing into Mexico this month. Biden’s plan to deal with it? Zilch. He has lost his legislative agenda for the moment, at least, due to Democratic division and sniping between Democrats.

But, national media seems to have moved on and aren’t holding him to account for any of this.

Now, Biden is asking what he’s doing to fix it. He left Friday’s job report presentation behind and headed to Delaware for weekend vacations. He did leave a little earlier than usual and left at 6:15 PM, as opposed to later in the day.

Former CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller had the count, noting this is Biden’s 24th trip to Delaware, which would be totaling all or part of 66 days, if he flies back on Monday. Knoller explained how Biden spent 29 weekends without the White House. He has been to 19 places, such as Rehoboth Beach or Wilmington, 10 Camp David and one at home at the G7.

He’s only spent eight weekends at the White House.

NPR was not conservative, but it did note that in August he had spent twice as much time in Delaware.

As White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has also acknowledged, they refuse to report with whom he is meeting with when he’s in Delaware. Biden promises transparency, so let’s not expect it. There’s a whole block of his time in office about which we have no idea what he’s doing or who he’s meeting with, because they refuse to say. And often, as we saw right when Afghanistan fell, they’re long weekends, not just two days but extending over four or five days.

Even when he’s in the White House, he’s often calling early lids, making remarks and then running out of the room, or refusing to answer questions, with his people pushing the reporters to get out. Since he spent the majority of his campaign in hiding, reporters should have been aware.

We have someone hiding from the highest job in the entire world. Which may explain why he’s doing such an awful job of it.

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