Biden Considering Sending Thousands of Troops, Aircraft to Eastern Europe – Opinion

Joe Biden may send three- to five thousand troops into Romania, Latvia and Lithuania as part of a NATO defense effort. This is to counter Russia’s aggressive behavior toward Ukraine. Fox News reports that other NATO nations might be considering implementing this plan.

This Biden military move might not only include troops; they’re also considering naval vessels and aircraft.

The U.K. reported that Russia had plotted to establish a proKremlin government to control Ukraine, and to expel the pro-West Volodymyr Zilensky. Russia denied the report, and blamed the U.K.

This was also kicked off after Joe Biden appeared to give Russia a green light for a “minor incursion” on Wednesday, Jan. 19. Tensions seem to have escalated since that time. Russia is home to more than 100,000 soldiers, while Belarus has a fleet of aircraft poised close to Ukraine.

K.T. McFarland, deputy national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, told Fox News Digital that President Biden has brought the current circumstances upon himself, seemingly giving President Putin a “green light” during a press conference this week.

“Whatever happened in Afghanistan had a ripple effect with Ukraine. It will not only have ripple effects with China but also with Iran from what is happening in Ukraine. It’s going to have a ripple effect with North Korea because all of these countries will think they’ll seize the moment. They’ll think this is my time. America’s weak, it’s disorganized,” McFarland said.

It is extremely concerning, and it would not be necessary with a leader who projects strength. Joe Biden could have brought us to war by his careless language and may now escalate the situation with even more reckless action.

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