WashPost Promotes CRT Mastermind, Ignores Her ‘Mass Media’ Bashing from the Left

Sunday’s Washington Post MagazineTheir “Just Asking” section featured yet another leftist pathetic softball interview. Kimberle Crenshaw is an “Architect of Critical Race Theory” and KK Ottosen rolled up the Black Lives Matter Carpet for her. As usual, the Posties didn’t identify Crenshaw as a leftist, let alone a radical leftist. The interview started as follows:

Recent developments in critical race theory have made it a prominent topic on the national political scene. Having coined the term yourself, what has your experience been as you’ve seen it become this sort of intellectual boogeyman?

Well, one of the very first articles I wrote was “Race, Reform and Retrenchment.” The entire point was to anticipate that reform would inevitably reproduce retrenchment and backlash. It has always been this way in America’s history with respect to race: Even the most modest reforms can create a tremendous backlash. Sometimes, the backlash can be more lasting than the reform.

Crenshaw lashed out at conservatives because they are leading “a huge resurgence anti-democratic, and anti-inclusionary policies.” Next came Crenshaw’s dismissal of parent demonstration, which she called a phony.

You see the protestors from parents at school board meetings over critical race theory being taught in classrooms. What are you thinking?

The Republican Right-Wing Outrage Machine is powerful, I believe. It is a money-making scheme. I see the slick, high-production-value videos and booklets, and I see the common language and phrases, and I just know it’s a campaign. The campaign is presented in a way that makes it appear like grass roots, when it’s not. It is clear that think tanks have spent a long time looking for something that could catch on. 

Ottesen and PostWe weren’t planning to pose any questions, except for the notion that “mainstream media” was a sham for the right-wing. Last September, Crenshaw did a podcast titled “The Lies They Tell: Mass Media’s Complicity in the Age of Disinformation.” The podcast was summarised as follows: “Over last year, Critical Race Theory has been the focus of a disinformation campaign. Mainstream media are fueling this fire.” The number of mentions of CRT increased exponentially in news this year. Journalists often frame the discussion around education censorship to be an equal debate between pro- and anti-equality legislation supporters.

Leftists get really upset at the notion of an “equal debate.” The podcast summary also lamented “mass media’s decision to legitimize faux debate.” Funny that you love “anti-democratic, pro-inclusionary politics”.

In an interview with radical leftist Laura Flanders, Crenshaw complained: So this is a classic move, the right creates the story, often by lies and disinformation, they then are able to mobilize outrage around the lie. The mainstream media report on the controversy, not how it was created.

The answer is obvious. PostThey might be resentful at the idea that liberal journalists are a political pawn for conservatives. However, liberal journalists do not believe that. The liberal journalists are happy to sell Crenshaw’s products and will accept criticism from the radical left in order to make Crenshaw appear “mainstream.”

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