Joe Biden Just Told Americans in Ukraine to Go Jump in a Lake – Opinion

Are you ready for some more of that foreign policy “expertise” Joe Biden is supposedly famous for? RedState reported that tensions between Russia and Ukraine are at an all-time high, with Russia potentially invading any minute. All embassy staff and their families were evacuated by the State Department on Saturday.

The call for all Americans to evacuate the country is now open to everyone. Unfortunately, because absolutely no lessons were learned from Afghanistan, the Biden administration isn’t planning on offering any help. They basically advised Americans in Ukraine to jump into a lake.

Telling Americans to “plan accordingly” by getting on commercial flights in the midst of a mass of people rushing to leave the country is an absolutely unbelievable message from the White House. It’s going to be impossible for many people to do that in the time allotted, especially if commercial service is shut down in the near future because of a Russian incursion. What happens if that happens? Is this administration a complete clown?

The cost of flying American planes from the USA to Kyiv would not exceed $1000. That’s the obvious thing to do here, in order to ensure that no one gets left behind. Biden instead is back on vacation at Camp David and signals a surrender. Let’s hope Putin doesn’t give up so that this does not become a disaster.

It’s embarrassing, and it’s a sad testament to how far the United States has fallen in stature, even among its own citizens.

This sentiment rings true to me. In fact, I remember feeling confident that my country would come to my aid if I was in trouble during my travels to China or Africa. Now, under Joe Biden, it has become the norm to not only leave Americans stranded in war zones, but the White House (and the compliant media) will then pretend those people don’t even exist. It’s a scary time to be someone who does any international travel.

This is the result of an absence of leadership at the White House. Biden lobbied against Ted Cruz’s sanctions bill last week in an attempt to appease Russia. This appeasement led to Europe being on the verge of war. This was a chance to diffuse the situation and avoid conflict and to show strength and dedication to the rest of the world. Biden declined that chance and chose to continue the same road of failure as he had always chosen. There has never been a man so completely wrong about anything.

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