Best Retro Phones of All Times

It seems as if people are still in love with retro phones given that companies are bringing back their old flagship phones in the market. Just two years ago Nokia had a successful re-launch of Nokia 3310 and now Motorola Razr— a household name in the mid-00s—is back and is getting a lot of attention. 


These phones are considered as the foundation that has paved the way for all the technologies that we have today. The good thing about these phones was that these phones were very durable and though they never had too many functions, these phones served their purpose.  

One of the best things about these phones was they were not that pricey and yet they were quite reliable. The only drawback was that they did not have any Wi-Fi, but it is understandable given that the technology at that time when these phones were released was very limited. 

We are here to take you down the memory lane. Here we have compiled a list of some amazing phones that were once quite popular due to their reliability and affordability. 

Apple iPhone 3G 

Year: 2008

The launch of Apple iPhone 3G turned the tables of the phone industry and the way people used to think about phones. The phone not only had 3G in it, but also came with the App Store that allowed people to expand functionality of their phones by as it was really difficult at that time to use a phone without apps on it. 

Motorola RAZR

Year: 2004

The Motorola RAZR was one of the most common and popular phones at the time it was launched because it had a more futuristic look when it comes to flip phones of the early 2000s. The phone became a huge success when it managed to sell around 100 million units. The most recent version of the phone ha flexible screen and a second screen on its front. 

Nokia 5110 

Year: 1998

Today we have powerful phones that have provided ways for professional mobile gamers to enjoy games and compete in mobile gaming competitions that are increasingly getting popular in the world. However, playing games on your phone was something impossible before Nokia released the Nokia 5110 phone. 

The Nokia 5110 changed the world when it added the popular game Snake. One simply can’t forget the game that required the user to eat up a dot that was called the fruit and increase the size of the snake and avoid hitting the walls or prevent the snake from eating its own tail. Apart from that, the battery of the phone had an immense backup and lasted more than any other phone 

Nokia N95

Year: 2007

With the launch of the iPhone, the entire game plan of the telecommunication industry took a huge turn. The Nokia N95 was one of the most advanced phones that had a 5MP camera and was bigger in size and had a stylish look. 

Nokia 3310 

Year: 2000

Nokia 3310 was one of the most amazing phones ever made. It was not only durable but was also not too pricey. It provided users with a sleek design and structure and the most amazing battery backup. You must have seen memes about the phone at the end of Thor’s hammer. This symbolizes the durability of the phone back in the days. The phone had some amazing features including an unbreakable chassis, no antenna, a customizable ringtone that you could compose by yourself and download as well, improved gaming features and so much more. 

Old is Gold

We hope you really enjoyed this amazing ride down the memory lane with some amazing phones that added more to our lives back then. These phones were the pioneers and they set a bar for the technology we have today.  You can ask your parents or their parents and they would tell you that the only good thing about the phones back in the days was that they could send or receive an email, take a decent picture, play games and download ringtones. Today we have some high-tech gadgets complemented with high-speed internet such as Century Link Internet, yet these phones hold special places in our hearts.   

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