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Our weekly recognition of less-than-meritorious excellence in journalism worthy of a skewed version of Pulitzer Prize consideration.

Townhall has also added a media mocking element. Taken from the HeadlinesWe recognize once more the outstanding journalism achievements and collect worthy submissions to the Pulitzer Prize Board in many categories. Let’s not forget the journalistic failures that are often overlooked.



  • Joe Atmonavage – NJ.COM

The following report describes the plight of two inmates who became pregnant in a prison. It was due to another transgender inmate sent there. Amazingly, the authorities did not anticipated this result after an ACLU settlement that required trans individuals be allocated to prisons based on their declared gender, leading to sending a biological male to a women’s prison.

The prisoner who had a child with a woman is called ‘a woman’ throughout the article. It is revealed that the prisoner was moved. to another facility, “It is believed that she is the sole female prisoner currently on the site.”


Distinguished Breaking News

The current Pennsylvania Senate race took an unexpected turn. John Fetterman released a cell phone video of former “Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki that was…well, not an endorsement, exactly, but a snarky dose of insult delivered at his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Chris Cillizza apparently was impressed by this unfunny and shrill delivery, even though he is a reality TV star.

Behold, Cillizza is bowled over by…Snooki.


Distinguished Feature Writing

  • Jenny Singer – Glamour Magazine

There are many economic indicators available, but Glamour has one that stands out. These were not economists who have a great education but the ladies who dance on brass poles.

-“According to some sex workers, traffic in strip clubs is low—a fact that’s often been associated with a faltering economy. Whether that’s an accurate indicator of a looming recession is up for debate, but the strippers who spoke to Glamour explained that tracking the economy is a useful way to help them make informed career decisions.”

Don’t you dare laugh; you know this is a far better source than Paul Krugman. 


Distinguished Breaking News

Joe Biden has been losing the rap vote for a long time. This is not the kind of trolling or mockery one would expect from the entertainment sector toward a Democratic President. However, Snoop Dogg has criticized his brand of cannabis. 

The rap star has released “Sleepy Joe OG,” He has a brand new strain of marijuana. Call it fortuitous marketing that, just as the president is stumbling overseas this week, the product sports this tagline – “You won’t even remember what country you are in!” 


Distinguished Cultural Criticism

  • G. Allen Johnson – San Francisco Chronicle

Director Joe Dante, the force behind the 1980s classic “Gremlins” made a boastful claim about a current Disney property. While not angry, Dante was rather insistent that the popular alien Grogru – also known as Baby Yoda – from “The Mandalorian” series was based entirely on the character of Gizmo, the furry gremlin from Dante’s film.

Or, to take a contrarian position here, maybe Baby Yoda was based on adult Yoda, from “The Empire Strikes Back”, which predated “Gremlins” by four years.


Distinguished Coverage of Frozen Desserts – The Joe Biden Honor

This week, an art group sent out ice cream trucks selling specific frozen treats. Ice cream pops were made in the form of billionaires’ faces. We are shown frozen confections representing Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The concept is that this way, customers get to “Eat The Rich.” 

One way to ask them is capitalism actually helping make a difference in society is by asking how. You could look at what they’re doing by simply paying. $10 DA***ED DOLLARSIn an effort to impress the billionaires, they have created crappy frozen soft-serve avatars. 

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