Hunter’s Laptop Still Has New Secrets to Reveal About Meetings With Joe, Business Associates – Opinion

It’s the laptop that just seems to keep on giving.

There’s more information out about visits involving Joe Biden and people associated with Hunter Biden, putting paid once again to Joe Biden’s claim that he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings. This information is derived from the personal calendar that was stored on the laptop.

It shows that Hunter met with Joe at least 30 times at the White House or the vice president’s residence, “often just days after he returned home from overseas business jaunts.” I wonder what they talked about? Turns out Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter Biden’s investment company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was also invited to at least 21 of those 30 meetings, with a green check confirming his attendance at some of them. In addition to being Hunter’s business partner, Schwerin was also involved in taking care of Joe Biden’s finances, including even his taxes, as we have previously reported.

Hunter Biden met Daniel Kablan Duncan, the Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire, on April 15, 2016 in Washington D.C., his calendar shows. Quickly, the 8.15 am sit-down was followed by a 9.30 am confab with Vice President Biden in the Naval Observatory. It is not clear what the purpose of this meeting was with Kablan.

Hunter Biden, a billionaire Russian oligarch, was escorted to Moscow by a number of millionaire businessmen, one of whom is currently being tried for murder. Hunter Biden met again with Vice President Biden at the Naval Observatory, four days after his return.

On Nov 14. Hunter Biden, the US ambassador to Romania, met George Maior on Nov 14. Two days after his return, he had breakfast at the Naval Observatory with his father. In order to avoid the imprisonment of Gabriel Popoviciu, an entrepreneur from Romania, he joined forces with Louis Freeh (ex-FBI Director).

The Crown Prince of Yugoslavia also spoke to The Post, saying that Hunter was interested in helping his dad with the rehabilitation of their Belgrade palace.

One example of how everything worked out was the case of Andres Pastrana Aango, who was once president of Colombia.

Hunter and his associates were trying to acquire OAS (a Brazilian construction company that did some business in Colombia), as Hunter. Schwerin said if they were able to pull it off, “we’ll all be rich.” Emails showed OAS was going to give them a retainer of about 25,000 a month but that other emails showed that they could get a one percent “success fee” on a billion-dollar project with Schwerin said could get them $5.6 million.

Hunter returned to Bogota a few months later and ate with Pastrana Nov. 2, 2011. Emails contained on the hard drive suggest Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría, the country’s minister for mines and energy, shared the meal. The calendar shows Hunter meeting Catalina Crane Arango who is the counselor of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

According to emails, this continued throughout the years.

“Dear Mr. President. Thank you for your interest in Washington. I was hoping we could meet for lunch or coffee depending upon your schedule … I’d like to discuss an opportunity that I think you have already been initially briefed regarding OAS,” Hunter Biden wrote to Pastrana in February 2012. “I am checking on my dad’s schedule.”

Hunter had been talking to Pastrana regarding OAS and then arranged a meeting between Pastrana’s father and Hunter.

Pastrana then met Joe Biden on March 2012. Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin was also listed as part of the meeting — “Meet with Pres. Pastrana and Dad at NavObs,” referring to the Naval Observatory, the VP’s residence. Then on the same day, Hunter had lunch with Pastrana at Cafe Milano, the restaurant we’ve heard of in the past regarding Joe Biden’s meetings with Hunter associates. Hunter met Pastrana, his son and the Westin Hotel in D.C. on May 21st 2012.

Santiago Pastrana, the son of Joe Biden, revealed to The NY Post his friendship with Joe Biden when asked.

“The conversation was around the gratitude my father had for then VP Biden and all his support towards Colombia,” Santiago Pastrana insisted.

The Colombian infrastructure projects were eventually built but it is unclear if OAS won any related contracts, or if Hunter Biden and his business partners pocketed “success” bonuses.

But here’s the catch: OAS got into trouble later for taking bribes, and manipulating public contracts.

What amount of information do we need to provide before taking action regarding these connections? Sadly, the FBI continues to investigate Hunter. One has to wonder how deep that investigation will reach. But, it is unlikely that anything will happen until Republicans regain control of Congress. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has called out the “coverup” going on by the Biden Administration to hide the records Republicans have been trying to get on Suspicious Activity Reports regarding Hunter Biden and they have promised action when they take back power.

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