As More of Ukraine Falls, Congress Flees from Washington (and Responsibility) – Opinion

In the midst of a worldwide crisis where there is our first major land-based war in Europe since World War II and the threat of escalating violence, the Senate and House Democratic Leaders have both resigned for the weekend. They will leave behind Washington D.C. which did nothing to help Ukraine’s invasion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer on Thursday gave lawmakers the weekend off, despite bipartisan calls for immediate congressional action on an emergency aid package for Ukraine.

Even some of Mrs. Pelosi’s and Mr. Schumer’s fellow Democrats were outraged, especially with Ukraine struggling to stave off collapse in the face of a multipronged Russian invasion.

“We need to pass it today. … They need to call us back in, and those who can’t come back can vote remotely, but we’ve got to pass it,” said Rep. Ro Khanna, California Democrat. “Every day, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are dying. The photograph today showed a father with his teenage son’s corpse. It’s horrific. The least we can do is provide them with a fighting chance with weapons.”

Washington’s fate is now in the hands Biden’s administration. They are more worried about their polling numbers then the national security risks posed to the country by its dependence on foreign oils. Congress could try to force his hand by passing their own sanctions against Russia, but other than Nancy Pelosi joining the call to sanction Russia’s energy exports, nothing is being done in Congress.

The White House maintains that doing so will hurt American consumers while also claiming that we’re not dependent on Russian oil because only about 10 percent of what we export comes from there. And we must invest more in green energy to solve our problems.

Administration isn’t a dangerous group. The biggest national security risk to the United States right now isn’t our border or China or Islamic extremism or Russia. It’s our dependence on other countries to meet our energy needs. Our nation used to be a net exporter and not dependent upon Russia, OPEC etc., before Biden took office. The Biden administration fears that higher gas prices will further harm Democrats.

You know who doesn’t care about gas prices, but does care about the Russians launching an unjust war? Ukrainians.

AP Photo/Vadim Zamirovsky

California’s average gas price was $5/gallon. Where I am in south Louisiana, we’re nearing $4 per gallon, which is more than double where it was just a couple of years ago. Will sanctioning Russia’s oil exports make it worse? Absolutely. But if you polled Americans, I don’t think you’d find resistance to the idea that we need to make that sacrifice to help Ukraine.

However, it’s not even a situation we should be in. It’s a mistake to not produce our oil.

What’s more, we shouldn’t be seeking out new sources of oil to be dependent on, as Chris Hayes of MSNBC and others have begun suggesting.

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world. What country would allow oil revenue to be used for terror funding against our Middle East allies? That’s just absurd.

However, the Biden administration does not have an actual plan. You can say all options are on the table, but if you’re not actually considering all the options because it will hurt your party’s electoral chances, then you’re pretty much lying, right? That’s the Biden way, apparently.

The Congress is the final word. They must do something. Make them submit their own sanctions. Encourage American energy production. Something. But they won’t so long as Democrats are in charge and too scared of climate change to secure us against these global crises. Even Nancy Pelosi gets it, but she can’t do anything about it because the most progressive activists have overrun her party.

Instead, Congress will leave Washington D.C. with all its responsibility to ensure that their leaders do not get into an intraparty dispute. They will also be hurt in November by that.


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