SHOCK: NBC Rediscovers Title 42 Border Disaster: Notes ‘Even Some Democrats’ Oppose

Networks have minimized Biden’s plans to worsen the situation at the border by lifting Title 42. Yet, NBC on Friday rediscovered the move to end COVID-era restrictions that are stemming somewhat the tide of illegal crossings. Today reporter Gabe Gutierrez actually explained that “even some Democrats” oppose the President.

In a two minute and 41 second report, Gutierrez talked about the disaster at the border, something that itself is rare on ABC, CBS and NBC: “Customs and Border Protections had reported 221 000 crossings last March. It was the largest number in 20 years. Texas has launched a controversial multi-billion dollar effort to crack down on prosecuting some migrants without children for trespassing.”



Reporting from the border, he explained: “Title 42 is a public health policy that the Trump administration used during the pandemic to expel migrants. The Biden administration wants to end it, saying it denies asylum seekers their rights.”

Gutierrez added, “Even some Democrats are against lifting it, especially in an election year.”  Show that the issue is bipartisan, at least among Democrats at the border, the journalist featured Eagle Pass, Texas Democratic Mayor Pro-tem Yolanda Ramon: “Title 42 needs to remain as is. We lack the infrastructure. We don’t have the facilities.”

Of course, co-host Savannah Guthrie tried to make this another variation of Republicans “seizing” or “pouncing” on an issue: “Republicans are trying to make Title 42 a major issue this election year.” Gutierrez parroted, “21 Republican attorneys general have sued, arguing lifting Title 42 would attract even more migrants.”

NBC was the only one that covered it. CBS and ABC didn’t even do that on Friday. In an April 4 NewsBusters survey, I found that the night newscasts had only 9 minutes coverage in March and zero in February about the border catastrophe.

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SAVANNAH GUTHIE: The unprecedented number of migrants that have crossed the border to Washington is causing tensions over what action should be taken. In a case in which the Biden Administration attempts to prevent lifting of pandemic restrictions, all eyes are on Louisiana’s federal courthouse today. Gabe Gutierrez, NBC’s national correspondent, was at the Texas border for this morning. Hi, Gabe. Good morning.

GABE GUTIERREZ Savannah, good morning. Republicans want to make Title 42 an important issue in this election year. This could be a turning point later today. That’s when a federal judge is set to weigh in on whether the Biden administration can end a policy former President Trump used to keep migrants out. Today’s border crossings are at an all-time high, and the Biden government is now concerned that this surge will continue.

LT. CHRIS OLIVAREZ (Texas Department of Public Safety): There’s bigger groups here. Cubans and Haitians are the mainstays of immigration.

GUTIERREZCustoms and Border Protections recorded 221,000 crossings in March. This is the most recent figure for more than twenty years. Texas launched an controversial multi-billion-dollar effort to prosecute migrants for trespassing. [In a helicopter]It is something that you can see every day.

OLIVAREZ : It’s non-stop. Yeah.

GUTIERREZ: We ride with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers over Eagle Pass. Here we see migrants crossing the Rio Grande. Some holding children. A group that includes over 100 persons is called the “One Group”. Many are from Cuba. [Back to helicopter.]This influx continues. According to local authorities, the surge could be worse if Title 42 was removed.

Title 42, a federal health policy used by the Trump administration during the Pandemic in order to deport migrants. Biden wants it to be ended, claiming that it restricts asylum seekers’ rights. However, 21 Republican general attorneys have filed suit, alleging that Title 42 could attract more immigrants. Some Democrats oppose lifting Title 42, particularly in an election year.

YOLANDA RAMON (D.Mayor Pro-tem Eagle Pass, Texas),: Title 42 should be kept as-is. We lack the infrastructure. The facilities are not available.

GUTIERREZ – Joanna, a pregnant woman from Ecuador, said that she couldn’t wait. [Talking to a migrant.]What brought you to the United States of America? [Speaking Spanish] “I want to work,” she says, describing how a gang back home threatened her. Many others are putting their lives at risk to travel to the U.S. to join her. This is a legal fight that will ultimately decide their fate. The Department of Homeland Security claims it’s preparing to allow up to 18,000 migrants to come into the U.S. every day. Title 42 may be repealed this month. Savannah.  

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