Andrea Mitchell Hails David Hogg for ‘Really Effective Protests’ for Gun Control

On Wednesday, in the wake of Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz pleading guilty in court, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell brought on Parkland gun-control activist David Hogg and praised him for increasing public support for more gun control. Like the older leftists, Hogg railed against the filibuster that has hindered Democrats from passing their agenda on gun control and other issues.

Hogg claimed that his March for Our Lives “March for Our Lives” group helped increase turnout for young people who were more likely to vote for gun control. But now, Hogg says: “But despite all that, we see two Senators getting the way of many of these work. “You can see the reconciliation bill. Universal background checks, as you all know, are there.


He soon added  “we need to abolish the filibuster. Two Senators shouldn’t be allowed to block what more than 85-90% of Americans favor with universal background check.

Mitchell extolled him as “a great man.”You definitely changed the climate in this area. You and your classmates did a lot of work in terms of protest and political action.You can do it. That should be enough to make you feel empowered. It’s as if liberal media didn’t promote these children every step along the way.

But the endless surveys that claim 90 percent of Americans want “universal background checks” was discredited years ago. While voters have never shown any support for states at all, polls that asked more specific questions did not yield the same results. People are also informed that background checks are required on most firearm sales.

Hogg made an immediate comparison between gun-related and COVID deaths. “I was basically born the year after Columbine.” Since I was born, about the exact same number have died of COVID in this country from gun-related causes that could have been prevented.

An impressed Mitchell responded: “I’m glad you brought that up because I was going to compare this as a public health issue to the pandemic, the number of preventable deaths, you point out, since Columbine.”

Centers for Disease Control reported that there have been approximately 570,000 gun-related deaths from 2000 to 2019 …. and 340,000 were suicides. This is the. 

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The following is a transcription:

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

October 20, 2021

Eastern 12:10

ANDREA MITCHELL: Despite the outpouring, what you and your fellow students organized, the incredible pressure, you know, as there had been after, you know, Sandy Springs with the kindergarten children, no federal legislation. It is so frustrating that this country has a political deadlock.

DAVID GUN CONTROL ACTOR DAVID HOGG: This is very frustrating. But I will tell you the truth. This is deeply worrying for our future republic as well as the state of the republic at the moment. You know, if we have such a level of division in this country that we can’t protect our most valuable asset that is our future — that is our children — it speaks to the severe danger that we are in as a country — young people, the March for Our Lives and the work that we’ve done around the country with other groups as well have turned out in record numbers. In 2018 and 2020, we had one of the highest voter turnouts in American history. Yet, all this was despite the fact that We now have two Senators obstructing a lot this work. The reconciliation bill is there.


The system will lose its faith. This is why people will lose faith in the system. The filibuster must be abolished. It is impossible for two senators to stand in the way of something that well over 85 percent to 90% of Americans favor with universal background check.

MITCHELL That changed public opinion. You and your classmates did a lot of work in terms of protest and political action.That should at least be a little empowering.


HOGG: My birth was in the year following Columbine. It was in that year. Since I was alive, almost the exact same amount of COVID-related deaths have occurred from gun injuries in this country.Our country is one of few that deal with such gun violence inside our schools as well as outside our schools every day. It is possible to elect people. We must recognize as Americans that it is an option. Our country must come together, not only as Democrats or Republicans, as individuals, to defend our rights not to be gunned down. For the past several years, the March for Our Lives has done exactly that.

Florida had a Republican legislature. My high school was shot at and we were able to pass extreme risk protection orders. After what occurred at our school, we have gotten Congress funding for the CDC as well as the NIH at a level never seen before. Change has begun to occur, although it’s frustratingly slow because we currently don’t have representative government. The filibuster is a form of obstructionist government. That one rule is what causes people every year to die when the filibuster is still in effect.

MITCHELL I’m glad you brought that up because I was going to compare this as a public health issue to the pandemic, the number of preventable deaths, you point out, since Columbine.

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