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As we reported, during Joe Biden’s trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania – his hometown – to push his legislative agenda, he had another senile moment where he claimed he’d been riding Amtrak for 36 years during his eight years as president. Yes, you read that correctly, that’s what he said.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then promised that he would take millions of automobiles off the roads.

That’s not happening, Joe. They aren’t even anywhere close to making that happening and they have no comparable replacement. But he’ll solve your problem of him making the gas too expensive for you and blocking things like the Keystone XL pipeline – he just wants to take your car away. Does he really think this is a winning message on top of what he’s done to the rest of the economy?

But those weren’t the only unhinged parts of his remarks.

Biden told another story, which could never have occurred in the manner he claimed. It’s a story he’s told multiple times and it’s been debunked. He continues to tell it, even though it isn’t true.

Biden stated that he rode Amtrak from D.C. to Delaware in his seventh year as Vice President. He said that this was because his mother was ill and that he needed to go to Delaware. He encountered his friend Angelo Negri, an Amtrak conductor, who told him he had just read about Biden flying over a million miles on “Air Force aircraft,” that Negri derided that saying Biden had done far more on Amtrak, doing two million miles on the line.

What are some of these problems? Biden’s mother died in 2010. Angelo Negri, who retired in 1993, died in 2014. So no, Joe couldn’t have encountered him on the train in 2015, it couldn’t have happened as Biden claimed.

Biden had told this story several times, once in April at the Amtrak 50th Anniversary Celebration in Philadelphia, and again in September when he shared it with Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister. This was so obvious that even CNN, who rarely calls Biden on his numerous false statements, had to confront him about it. In June, they fact checked the story and found it false.

Biden is not the only one who keeps changing his story. But it does not make any sense. He’s previously said that it was during his “fourth or fifth year” as Vice President after he had flown over a million miles on Air Force Two, an event that reportedly happened in 2015. Also previously, he said Negri told him he’d ridden “1,515,000 miles” on Amtrak, not two million.

But Biden did just use the made-up story about Negri in Scranton, he also made up a word I think he’s used before: “expodentially.”

It may all have been a little much even for MSNBC – the network that caters to Democrats. He ended his remarks by cutting them off.

The fear that they would continue to cover Joe Biden and keep saying crazy things might be a factor in their following. It might also have led to more people understanding that Joe Biden is not a good candidate for the presidency.

It is delusional to keep repeating this, and nobody corrects or stops him. How many more delusional things are occurring that we don’t even know about?

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