Alyssa Milano Clashes With GOP State Rep in Georgia During Pro-Choice Protest

“These are the men who are voting on what goes on inside my uterus.”

Liberal actress Alyssa Milano was involved in a video-taped confrontation with a GOP State representative Tuesday while visiting the office of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to hand-deliver a letter protesting a recently passed Georgia bill banning abortion after a heartbeat is detected.

The letter was signed by approximately 30 Georgia-based TV and film makers and calls on Kemp to veto the so-called heartbeat bill.


“These are the men who are voting on what goes on inside my uterus. This guy right here. This guy. Have a great day,” Milano said to state Rep. Dominic LaRiccia, R-169.

Earlier, Milano chastised LaRiccia for interrupting her and dismissed his hints that the Hollywood actress should focus her activist efforts on her own backyard. “So that’s a ‘no,’ you don’t vote in Georgia?” he asked at one point.

Toward the end of the encounter, Milano’s ostensibly woke videographer invoked the names of Charles and David Koch, the two billionaire brothers who often play the role of shadowy, conservative bogeymen in the minds of Democrats.

“You know the Koch brothers don’t live here either,” the videographer quipped.

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The Georgia House passed HB 481 – the so-called “heartbeat abortion bill” – in early March, sparking furious liberal backlash, which included a “Handmaid’s Tale”-themed protest. The legislation passed the state Senate last week and is backed by Kemp, who is expected to sign it.

The Georgia governor has already indicated that Milano’s efforts will have little effect on whether he signs the bill. “I can’t govern because I’m worried about what someone in Hollywood thinks about me,” Kemp told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this week. “I ran the last two years on these issues, and I got elected with the largest number of votes in the history of the state of Georgia, and I’m doing what I told people I would do.”

In response to the passage of HB 481 last month, female Democratic lawmakers sponsored a law that would require men to report every release of sperm to police.

The language of HB 604, which would amend Chapter 1 of Title 35 of the Official Code of Georgia, would mandate that any man 55-years or older “immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency when such male releases sperm from his testicles,” local NBC affiliate 11Alive reported.

Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick, one of the law’s sponsors, told Rolling Stone that she seeks to “bring awareness to the fact that if you’re going to legislate our bodies, then we have every right to propose legislation to regulate yours.”

Meanwhile, Milano’s pro-choice stand might just get her back into the good graces of the progressive crowd. Denizens of woke Twitter lambasted the actress after she announced Monday that she was standing by beleaguered former vice president Joe Biden, citing his record of championing women’s issues.

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“I respect Lucy Flores’ decision to share her story and agree with Biden that we all must pay attention to it. But, just as we must believe women that decide to come forward, we cannot assume all women’s experiences are the same,” Milano wrote.

The 46-year-old “Charm” star’s endorsement of white, male, powerful Biden opened the door to criticisms that she was nothing more than a fake ally: a “white feminist” who would end up siding with the “patriarchy” when push came to shove.

“Yeah, this kind of thing is why I never identify as a ‘feminist.’ I will gladly take the lead from & caucus with the womanists, but white feminists are so problematic I want to be counted in support of them,” one disappointed Twitter user said.

“She is destroying the MeToo movement for a man who smeared Anita Hill and never apologized to her, supported segregated schools and bad bankruptcy laws,” said one commenter, whose Twitter handle betrayed their enthusiasm for a Cardi B/Kamala Harris 2020 ticket.

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