Feminist Wants to ‘Empower Women’ by Connecting Them to Men Who Will Pay for Their Boob Jobs

“And I would absolutely consider myself a feminist – I just get to look like this and that is my power.”

A 49-year-old entrepreneur with a 54-inch chest is looking to “empower women” by connecting them with men who will pay for their breast enlargement procedures in exchange for private photos and videos of their bodies, The Sun reported Friday.

Allegra Cole, an ex-Mormon glamour model and mother to eight children, told Barcroft TV’s “Hooked on the Look” documentary series that the numerous cosmetic procedures she’s had may lead people to think she looks “like a bimbo,” but the motivations driving the launch of her new venture are purely feminist.

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Part crowdfunding site and part dating site, Cole’s platform would help women who want plastic surgery find men willing to cover the costs of their procedures. What does the benefactor get out of the arrangement? Photographs and videos of the donee’s bodies.

Cole already has a name for the site: “Boob Jobs for Moms.”


The AColeIndustries CEO told “Hooked on the Look” that she, and her husband Dyson, are proud feminists. “My husband is a feminist,” she said. “He is all about women and their rights and equal rights. And I would absolutely consider myself a feminist – I just get to look like this and that is my power.”


Cole’s message of empowerment is reflected in her business’ marketing and brand efforts.

“Now I am working on a website and (Model/Donor) experiences on a platform where women can tell their stories. What they’ve been through and where they’d like to be with their bodies and their lives,” reads a description of Cole’s planned platform on her company’s website. “I will provide access to resources ie: Doctors and Donors that can help a woman get the work she desires.”

The model, who has dabbled in the adult film industry in the past, rejects the notion that her hyper-sexualized aesthetic disqualifies her from being a feminist. “If a woman wants to grow her armpit hair out or shave her head, so be it. Let her do what she wants to do,” she told “Hooked on the Look.”

“This is my aesthetic, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist,” she added.

On her website, Cole says that it is her duty to pay forward the “extraordinary gift” she’s been given, describing the sexual awakening she had after getting her first boob job at the age of 35. Prior to the discovery of her more sensual side, Cole characterizes her life as not much different from any other small-town Mormon woman’s.

“I want other women to be able to feel liberation from their bodies and be able to get their groove back like I did … ” she says on her website. “I can only imagine how grateful they will feel when their boobs are the size they want them to be, their tummy is tucked (or sucked in) the way they want it to be, and their booty is plumped and brought back to bubbly perfection.”


Cole’s unconventional vision of feminism highlights a tension within a movement that has historically been skeptical of overt displays of femininity, associating them with the patriarchy’s purported objectification of women.

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