Alexander Vindman Goes Full ‘Leroy Jenkins’ in Desperate Bid to Cover for Joe Biden – Opinion

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has taken center stage in regard to world events over the last week. This means that many terrible takeaways from far-too-online individuals have been sent. RedState has recently featured a couple of such cases (see here and there). But while it’s easy to dunk on blue-check Twitter users who obviously don’t know anything, Alexander Vindman’s nonsense stands in a category of its own.

The chief purveyor of Donald Trump’s first impeachment attempt has long presented himself as a fierce defender of Ukraine, so much so that he tried to argue under oath that it was impeachable for a president to disagree with his foreign policy subscriptions on the matter. Vindman tried to preserve his fame for 15 minutes, even though Trump was eventually acquitted in the Senate. Unfortunately, Trump has been somewhat relevant to the main stream media.

Still, when Joe Biden’s strategy to contain Russia so utterly failed and Putin made his move, you would have expected Vindman, who has proclaimed his desire to “defend” his “homeland,” to have had some sharp words for the administration. After all, the president’s attempts to stop Russia failed and were marked by a cowardly approach that saw no preemptive sanctions. Why not stand up for Ukraine if Vindman really cared? Instead, the ex-Army officer turned on Volodymyr Zelesnky and made a mockery of him.

Now, with Kyiv getting bombarded, Vindman thinks he’s found the real culprit: Donald Trump.

Reality completely disagrees with Vindman’s assessment. Donald Trump was actually the first President to send lethal assistance to Ukraine. Barack Obama, Joe Biden and others only sent blankets or other non-lethal aid. Vindman had nothing to say. Vindman, an absolute hack whose main goal it to defend Democrat interests, had nothing to say about that. That was obvious during Trump’s impeachment, and it’s obvious now as he forgoes any criticism of Joe Biden to attack the guy who hasn’t been president in over a year.

Let’s take for instance Trump’s assertion that he had frozen military aid to Ukraine. That’s technically true over the span of a few weeks, but in the grand scheme of things, the decision was irrelevant to Ukraine’s ability to fight now (the aid was ultimately delivered). Using that as “proof” Trump is culpable is a cheap, partisan talking point that doesn’t actually make any sense. In just four years, hundreds of million dollars worth of lethal assistance was funneled into Ukraine by the Trump Administration. That’s not debatable. Biden, in an effort to please Russia, also stopped a lethal package of aid to Ukraine. Vindman doesn’t seem to be upset about this. We all understand why, I believe.

As to the idea that Trump’s rhetoric on NATO empowered Putin, that’s ridiculous. Trump wanted to persuade NATO members to invest more in defense and stop purchasing Russian oil and natural gases. That, itself, empowered Putin. Trump’s challenge to the status quo was right, as Trump has not succeeded in putting smoke on the heads of European leaders.

But where Vindman truly goes full “Leroy Jenkins” in when he attempts to blame Biden’s specific failure on Trump. Regardless of what one thinks about Donald Trump’s ineptness, it had nothing to do. It’s laughable to even suggest that. Further, it’s been Republicans (including Ted Cruz) who have pushed for heavy sanctions on Russia for months, long before Putin crossed the border. These were not supported by the Biden government. Vindman was not at all pleased about this.

He was nowhere to be found because Vindman is a coward who values cable news hits more than doing what’s right. He can only make a few snide remarks on Twitter despite all the tough talk he has to give in face of an invitation from Ukraine for his men to fight. Shouldn’t he be on a flight to Poland right now to join up given his rhetoric? Vindman was a partisan protector of Ukraine from the start. That is continuing now.

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