ABC’s ‘Station 19’ Puts Stamp of Approval on Child’s Transgender Decision

The television networks will promote the notion that transgenderism can be accepted, particularly in families. No matter your religious or personal beliefs, you will be forced to agree with the LGBTQ agenda. They have a plan. Tolerance cannot be optional.

The May 12 episode of ABC’s Station 19, “The Road You Didn’t Take,” saw the ongoing battle between divorced parents of a transgender boy play out. She was born Mary and now lives as Matt with her father’s blessing. Jane Rosemont (Jane) still regards her as Mary’s daughter.

Mary’s father Bryan took her from her mother’s home in Florida and brought her to Seattle. Jane and her current husband tracked her through Mary’s phone and came to retrieve her. Mary refused to go with them and police were called during Mary and Bryan’s argument. Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss) as well as Theo Ruiz, (Carlos Miranda) quickly mocked Jane and gave Mary their support.

Mary: My mother doesn’t understand why I am a boy. I’m who I am and have always been. She would always try to explain away why I didn’t want to play dress-up with the other girls or why I cut my hair short. What she doesn’t understand is, it wouldn’t matter if I wore makeup or ugly dresses to church. It doesn’t matter if I wear makeup or ugly dresses to church, I am still a boy. And if I go back, I’ll never be able to get gender-affirming care. They’ll force me to go through a female puberty that is going to make me feel…I’m scared.

Vic: Yeah.

Mary:  I’m scared of what that will do to me. I fear I won’t make it. 

Officer: Hey.

Social worker: Hey, so it looks like Bryan has recently been awarded full custody.

Vic: Oh, good. Alright. 

Officer: The kidnapping charge has been dropped

Social worker:  That’s great. 

Mary: Oh, my father?

Social workerYes, that’s correct. He’s with officers inside, filling out an Incident Report. 

Mary: Okay.

VicMatt. Alright. I think we can resolve this from here, and we’ll fill out the incident report and get it back to you. 

Mary: Mom!

JaneI have to defend her. Randall, please help me!

MaryMother, how are you?!

Mary: Go!

Bryan: Mary! Mary!

Vic: Hey! No, no, no!

Jane and her husband attempted to adopt Mary but were stopped by the authorities. Viewers were left with knowing Mary’s father won full custody so she’ll receive her “gender affirming care” instead of the therapy she clearly needs to deal with her gender dysphoria.

On Thursday, ratings dropped to a new low. Total viewers for Thursday night’s episode was 3.8 million, with a 0.4 demo rating.

As a percentage of the population, transgender Americans are very few. According to the CDC, the number is about 1 million people, about 0.6 percent of the adult population in the United States. Nonetheless, television networks persist.

Conservatives fight back Let the show’s sponsors know you are not in support of LGBTQ indoctrination. They included Toyota, Samsung, Maybelline and Maybelline.  

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