ABC Ignores Federal Marshals Sent to Protect SCOTUS from Pro-Abortion Mobs

The Biden Justice department announced Wednesday afternoon that they would send federal marshals for the protection of Supreme Court Justices of the United States in the aftermath terrorist acts by anti-abortion activists in response to the leak of a draft court opinion reversing Roe v Wade. 

Despite the fact this news that the federal government was moved to provide extra security to Supreme Court justices because pro-abortion leftists can’t handle not getting their own way, ABC’s World News TonightThey chose to ignore the Justice Department’s announcement and keep fearmongering about the possibility that Republicans would pass an abortion ban nationwide if they take control of Congress. 

Both are possible, however. CBS Evening News NBC Nightly NewsI was able to get information about the increased security of justices. Nikole Kilillion made the announcement “the Attorney General has directed the U.S. Marshals to ensure the justices’ safety, and he’s being briefed on security around the Supreme Court.”Additional “CBS News has also learned that state and local law enforcement agencies remain on high alert. The justices are scheduled to meet tomorrow.”



Earlier in her report, Killion revealed that Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has received multiple death threats from enraged pro-abortion leftists who are presumably angry at her for voting for Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. Collins said to CBS that she was afraid for her life. “received threatening phone calls, letters, threats of sexual assault, threats against my family members.”

You can find more information here NBC Nightly NewsLester Holt, anchor on national debate about abortion announced that at the end of his segment the following: “Attorney General directed U.S. Marshals to ensure safety of Supreme Court justices, it comes amid protests over the leak of that draft decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade.”  

Meanwhile, ABC’s World News TonightHe was much more concerned with reducing Republicans to what they might or may not do in the event that they take control of Congress in November. Rachel Scott, Congressional correspondent, complained that “with the Supreme Court likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats say it’s just the beginning.” 

After letting Democrat Senator Patty Murray lie about Republicans wanting to ban “birth control”, “Plan B”, and “IUDs”, she kvetched that “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently said it is possible Republicans could pass a federal abortion ban if they win back Congress.”

Carvana was able to make this bias from ABC possible. These links link to their information. 

To read the transcripts of each segment click “expand”: 

ABC’s World News Tonight
Eastern at 6:34 p.m.

RACHEL SOTT: Democrats claim that Roe V. Wade is only the beginning, with the Supreme Court expected to reverse it. 

SEN. PATY MURRAY: The government is after your birth control. They will be targeting plan B as well as iuds. The Senate is discussing a federal abortion ban. A federal ban on abortion. 

SCOTT: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has recently stated that Republicans may pass a federal ban on abortion if Congress is reelected. He called today the Democrats’ bill “radical.” 

SEN. MICHELLE MITCHMCCONNELL: We would be taken to even darker and more extreme places by this bill. 

SCOTT: According to Roe v. Wade, the bill would grant abortion rights in accordance with federal law. The bill would override all state abortion bans before 24 weeks, and eliminate state restrictions such as waiting periods and mandatory ultrasounds. These provisions persuaded Joe Manchin, Democratic Senator of Illinois to support every Republican who voted no. 

CBS Evening News
Eastern at 6:36 p.m. 

NIKOLE KILLION – Protests have intensified across the country following leaked draft opinions of the Supreme Court. 


KILLION – Personal threats are also increasing among lawmakers such as Maine’s Susan Collins who called police following protesters leaving messages outside her home. 

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS – I received threats and phone calls from threatening people, as well as letters and threats about sexual assault to my family. 


KILLION: This evening, the U.S. Attorney General gave the directive to the U.S. KILLION: The Attorney General directed that the U.S. CBS News also learns that the state and local police departments are on alert. Tomorrow’s meeting of the justices is scheduled.

NBC Nightly News
Eastern, 7:05:38

LESTER HOLT – The Attorney General ordered the U.S. The order comes amid protests against the release of the draft decision, which could invalidate Roe V. Wade’s ruling. 

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