‘A Bit of a Hit’: Mika Brzezinski Downplays Biden’s Polling Plunge

Joe Scarborough would proudly proclaim the good news every time President Trump saw his approval ratings drop even modestly during the Trump presidency.  

Scarborough didn’t even mention it when August Biden began to lose approval ratings. I tweeted Scarborough asked Scarborough if the cat had lost his tongue. Joe was silent on the radio.

Today’s Morning JoeJoe had the day off and Mika was able to acknowledge Biden’s horrible polling elephant [donkey?]In the room. However, she did it in a highly misleading manner and downplayed the seriousness of the slide. Speaking with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Mika said:

Approval rating of the presidentA little bit of an unexpected hitWhich do you believe is the best way for Democrats to move forward?

BitOf a hit?What is the best way to get a hit? Quinnipiac is not a Republican-friendly survey and has Biden at an historic low of 38%Biden has 53% approval, which is clearly WAY below the average. 

Like I tweetedThe Hindenburg took “a little bit of hit” as well. Maybe my second-up provided a more accurate analogy. tweetThe captain of Titanic informed passengers to relax, and that they had “taken a little bit of a beating.” The Titanic, just like Biden was about to sink.

Biden received DeFrancesco’s counsel to keep his eyes on “everyday Americans” as well as the possible disastrous consequences of default if the debt limit is not raised. 

However, no one on Austin thinks the debt limit will ever be increased. Therefore, the scare tactic suggested by professor doesn’t work. [Titanic alert!]Keep water. 

DeFrancesco Soto then made a questionable claim that Biden was “winning” with the public by stressing the dangers associated with default. Why has Biden’s approval ratings plummeted to 38% if he is winning? Would you believe? Peril How would you describe yourself as a Professor?

Notable: Scarborough is known for trumpeting Trump’s approval ratings falling. Here’s an article by Newsweek from 2019, in which Scarborough boasts about this drop. Scarborough stated that Trump was “punishing Americans” in the poll. Willie Geist called Trump’s approval rating “terrible.”

Here’s the thing: the poll they were reacting to showed Trump with an approval rating of 39%—one point higherCompared to the 38% Biden received in the Quinnipiac Poll.

What are Americans doing now to Biden? And how terrible is Trump’s approval rating 39%?

Mika Brzezinski called Biden’s approval drop to 38% “a little hit”, but it was partially sponsored by Abbott and AARP.

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:11 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Victoria Defrancesco Soto, the president’s approval rating taking a bit of a hit.Which do you believe is the best way for Democrats to move forward?

DEFRANCESCO SOTO Americans that don’t pay attention minute by minute to Congress. 

This brings me back to the debt-limit debate. People would suffer the consequences of defaulting. People who are living paycheck to paycheck. Folks in the top 1%, top 10%, who don’t necessarily need to depend on that, it’s not going to affect them. 

So, I am convinced The president is winning the support of the public by emphasizing the effect.Additionally, it is possible to politically gain points for pushing Republicans forward.

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