4 Smart Reasons To Seek A Lawyer When Filing Workers Comp

4 Smart Reasons To Seek A Lawyer When Filing Workers Comp

As a loyal employee for many years, you expect that when an accident takes place on the job and you are injured, your employer will be nothing but supportive and want to help you in every way possible. However, the minute you inform them you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, the goodwill you thought existed may disappear. In these situations, trying to deal with your employer and their insurance company on your own is not a good idea. Instead, here are four smart reasons why having a lawyer handling your case will produce the results you desire.

Your Employer Denies the Accident Happened at Work

If you suffered a relatively minor injury on the job and made the mistake of waiting several hours or perhaps a day or two before reporting it to your supervisor, chances are your employer will deny your injury actually happened at work. If they do so and are successful, your workers’ comp claim will be denied, leaving you to pay medical bills on your own. By hiring an experienced attorney, they can speak to your doctors, interview witnesses, and negotiate with your employer and insurance company to reach a settlement.

The Insurance Company Won’t Pay for Treatment

In many situations, your employer’s insurance company won’t want to pay for medical treatment, even if your doctor has stated it is vital to your recovery. When this happens, hire a skilled attorney at once. Since insurance companies are known for doing everything they can to get accident victims discouraged enough to stop pursuing accident claims, having an attorney on your side from the beginning will give you not only the legal advice you need, but also the emotional support you and your family will rely upon until your case is resolved.

Getting Maximum Compensation

When you are seriously injured on the job, your main goal should be to get maximum compensation for your injuries. Whether you suffered broken bones, a head injury, burns, lacerations, or other types of injuries, there is a good chance you will not only need extensive medical treatment over the coming weeks and months, but also will be off from work for an extended period of time. If you fail to act accordingly and allow your employer and their insurance company to deny your workers’ compensation claim, you and your family could face severe financial difficulties and possibly even be forced into bankruptcy. Instead of letting an insurance company call the shots, get the money you and your family need by relying on the expertise of an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation claims.

Employer Retaliation

Although it is against the law for your employer to retaliate against you for filing a workers’ comp claim, that does not stop many employers from demoting, intimidating, reducing an employee’s hours, or even firing an employee who files a workers’ comp claim. If your employer does any of these things to you, remember that the law is on your side. By hiring an attorney who can gather sufficient evidence to prove your employer acted illegally, you will have a much better chance of getting your claim approved and holding your employer responsible for their actions.

Should you be injured on the job, take immediate action by contacting a lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation claims.

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