5 Hacks to Fixing a Copier Paper Jam

5 Hacks to Fixing a Copier Paper Jam

There are many reasons why a copier may have a paper jam, but the most common one is due to user error. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up hope! There are plenty of ways to fix a paper jam without having to call in professional help.

This article will discuss five hacks that will get your machine back up and running quickly so you can continue copying documents for your business!

Organizing and Storing Your Paper

Store your paper in the basket correctly to avoid jams. Make sure you are not stacking too many sheets on top of each other, and always use the same paper side for printing.

If you have trouble telling where exactly to look for a jammed staple, then clearing out all of the papers inside can help make this easier. Take everything out and put it on either side, organize so that they’re easy to grab when you need them later.

Then start feeding one sheet at a time through again until it runs smooth or the jam becomes clear. Sometimes even just unplugging and plugging in back in will work too!

Clear Out Jammed Staple Holes

Another way to help fix jams caused by staples is by using needle-nose pliers to remove jammed staples from their metal holder inside the machine or at one end of them sticking up outside of it. The best place to do this would be inside the machine.

Ensure your copier has been turned off and unplugged before using the pliers to remove the paper jam.

If these hacks don’t work to clear jammed staples from their metal holders, removing them from inside is another option worth trying. It will require opening up some panels on both sides of the printer but if you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, then take a screwdriver and slowly loosen the screws on each panel. This will allow you to open up sections of the copier that might have jammed paper in them or need another look for any staples still sticking out at one end.

Use a Rubber Band to Fix Your Jam

In this method, you will need a rubber band that is about as long and wide as the paper width. First, remove all other pieces of jammed papers from inside the machine (take caution when doing so), then grab one end of your rubber band with each hand-one on top and another below it.

Then pull in opposite directions to rip out any staples or sheets still left stuck together. This should help release everything else until there’s nothing more than just the single piece of paper causing the jam left behind.

Fish Out Jammed Staples With a Magnet

If you have a magnet, you can use it to help fish out jammed staples sticking up outside of the metal holder at one end. If not, try using something like an unopened soda can or plastic container with holes on top as your makeshift tool instead. Just remember to be careful and never put your fingers into any part of the copier where there might still be paper jams!

Try Unplugging the Copier

Unplug the machine before you try and fix it. Sometimes it helps to simply unplug the copier, clear the jam, and restart it. This solution will work if a power outage caused a paper jam. It can also be a solution to a jam caused by an electric component in the copier.

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