A Guide For Finding Your Next Mountain Cabin Rental

A Guide For Finding Your Next Mountain Cabin Rental

“The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go!” Nothing says vacation and relaxation quite like a quiet cabin in the mountains. While mountain ranges can vary widely, selecting where to stay doesn’t have to be a challenge. As different as the east is from the west, knowing what you want in a vacation will determine what kind of cabin rental you should have.

Once you have determined the destination, it’s time to get down to the real business of finding the perfect vacation cabin rental. Internet searches make this process fairly easy. Simply type in what you are looking for and the web browser will take you to an abundance of rental companies with access to regional cabin rentals. Looking for a cabin near the lake? Type it in the search bar. Need a certain number of bedrooms? The search bar can narrow the field for you and direct you to the rental agencies that can help you find the perfect place for your next adventure.

Once you find a rental agency that suits your needs, make sure you pay close attention to how the website is laid out. A “user friendly” site will easily direct you to places to filter and narrow your search. There should be a tool used to set your travel dates and filter rental properties based on what is available. This will lessen your frustration as you search, particularly in popular areas such as Lake Tahoe or the Great Smoky Mountains. A good rental agency will have all the rental guidelines and agreements easily accessible so you know exactly what the property provides and what you will need to provide for yourself. The rental will also have easy to understand rates and available dates leaving little to be assumed.

Many rental companies provide access to Airbnb or Vrbo style rentals. These “stand-alone” properties have advantages, such as being fully furnished, more home-like, and even outdoor grills and other items popular in any home. The sizes of the properties vary and you need to be cautious when using this type of service, remembering that, for the most part, these are someone’s home or designed to feel like someone’s home. While there are advantages to renting a property of this style, such as living like a local while on vacation, there are disadvantages as well. Oftentimes these properties are located off the beaten path and you would need to travel some distance to enjoy all the area has to offer. Pay attention to where the property is located and be certain both the home and the location meet your needs.

Another option for a mountain cabin rental is to enjoy a resort that also offers cabin rentals. There are many of these resorts sprinkled throughout the mountains. The benefit to staying at a property like this is the added bonus of expert guides, activities for the whole family, and plenty of food and entertainment right on the property. With access to locals who know how to find the best of everything around, staying at a resort can help take the stress out of planning a great trip and finding the perfect cabin. One of our favorite destinations is the Oak Haven Resort and Spa located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This resort is a great example of a mountain cabin rental experience with everything you need for a great vacation.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a mountain cabin rental experience, it’s easy to find the perfect destination. With a simple search and few keywords, you are on your way to discovering the best the mountains have to offer.

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