3 Tips for Making your VR App Stand Out Online

Virtual reality represents one of the most exciting new frontiers in the digital world right now. Everywhere you look, tech specialists are designing new and improved VR experiences, complete with amazing headsets, software that makes you feel like you’re in a different world, and incredible sensors. However, as the environment of VR becomes more accessible, so too does the number of developers fight for market share. If you want to convince your customers to download your VR app, share their experiences with the world, and hype up your business, then you need the right strategy. Here are some top tips for making your VR experience stand out to online customers.

Get Social

Although VR is gradually gaining a position as a professional tool, as well as an entertainment experience, it’s still most popular in the consumer market, where people can stream content to their friends and interact with others through the virtual world. Because VR is something that we love talking about, it only makes sense to join the conversation on social media. Encourage your customers to get involved on your social media channel with competitions, live videos, and Q&A sessions where you can guide people through some of the most exciting experiences, they can have in your app. Make sure you choose the right social media platforms for advertising too – such as TikTok, and Instagram for younger, more visual audiences.

Build the Perfect Website

Just because you’re done building the perfect VR app doesn’t mean you’re done with your design and development process. You still need to build the perfect website where you can introduce people to not just your application, but your company and the people behind it too. Give people a reason to invest in your brand with insights into your story and journey. Make sure you optimize your site for SEO if you want any chance of ranking when people search for VR experiences in your industry. You can hire a SEO consultant and use their guidance to improve web pages all around your site. The right consultant can even help you with writing optimized app descriptions for your VR marketplaces.

Experiment with Content

Finally, remember that content is still one of the best ways to improve brand reach and pull attention to companies in any industry. As a VR app creator, you can get creative with your content development strategy, experimenting with not just blogs and articles, but video guides where you walk clients through experiences, and 360-degree photos that show the inside experience. If you’re not sure what kind of content is going to speak most to your target audience, check out what your competitors are doing. Things like live videos and photos are often pretty popular in this landscape. You’re also in the perfect position to take advantage of all kinds of new social media content, like 3D videos that people can explore from their smartphones. Don’t just stick to the basics, show that you’re willing to innovate and explore new things by experimenting with all the kinds of content you know your audience will love.

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