Top 4 Custom-Made Gifts For Your Teenager

Customized or personalized gifts are unique and teenagers will appreciate the extra effort. Rather than just buying off-the-shelf gifts it is worth spending the time to get a personalized gift made for a teenager. Keep reading to see the top four picks for custom-made gifts this year.

Large Graffiti Style Name Wall Decor Sticker

Have a large vinyl sticker designed for your teenager’s bedroom wall. Their name styled as graffiti is a great idea. Large vinyl stickers have been used for some time as wall decor and as a custom wallpaper alternative. 

Forget about forests or waterfalls though, but rather get the vinyl sticker custom designed. Ask a local artist to design the sticker in a graffiti style and make the graffiti of the teenager’s name. You can also specify the color scheme to fit the rest of the bedroom. Make it bold and large so that it is a focal point in the room.

The great thing about a vinyl decal is that it can be removed at a later stage when moving house for instance. Real graffiti is a bit messier to create in your house and you will also need to paint over it to remove it. Just go for a vinyl decal instead.

A Custom Playmat

The perfect gift for a gaming teenager might just be a customized gaming playmat. Large gaming playmats are soft custom printed mats. At YourPlayMat you can upload your own design and even customize it further with different stitching options and text overlays. These playmats are custom printed, hard-wearing, and washable. 

Large gaming playmats can be used for displaying or playing with trading cards or playing mouse and keyboard PC games. If your teenager collects and duels with collectible cards like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh, or many others then a large playmat is an ideal gift. Mouse and keyboard PC gamers will also find the extra space to move the mouse to be great for playing their favorite games. 

You can have a custom design made with fan art from their favorite game or include their name in the design for a personal touch. If they stream online you can have their logo incorporated in the design as well. For trading card games you can also have card zones or placements superimposed on the playmat design to keep gameplay nice and neat. Another nice touch for trading card gamers is that the nice soft mat easily rolls up for transport and will roll out completely flat when they are ready to play. The soft surface will also protect the trading cards.

Personalized Camera Strap

Not all teenagers own cameras, but if yours do this is a go-to custom-designed present that you can give. A lot of teenagers are content creators or up-and-coming influencers and take their cameras everywhere. There are also some creative aspirant photographers and videographers taking their cameras along whenever they are leaving the house.

You can get a camera strap custom-designed with an embossed name as a gift. Camera straps are not only handy for stopping expensive kit from bouncing on the floor, but it is a great way to personalize these technological marvels. Straps can be bought in different colors and designs and then when you have their name added as the final personal touch it will be just perfect. 

Customized Wallet

Everybody should have one of these. Any teenager and actually most people, even adults will appreciate this one. A customized wallet or purse with your teenager’s name embossed on it is a very thoughtful gift. It is something that they can use every day and will appreciate for a long time to come. 

Make sure to get a wallet or purse design in a style, layout, and size that they will like. Some people prefer small and minimal wallets that easily sit in a pants pocket. Some people prefer larger purses with more storage space for cards and other items. Whichever style you choose, make sure to get it personalized with either a name or just initials if that is more their style. Initials are sometimes more stylish on items like a wallet than a whole name. 

Whichever gift you choose for your teenager, just make sure it is a customized gift that fits their personality and lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with a custom-designed and unique gift for teenagers who are unique and finding their place in the world. The extra time and effort that goes into getting a custom-designed gift made will always be worth it. 

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