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Disney has been suffering badly over the last couple of years, and while it can point to everything from the COVID-19 virus to economic inflation for its lagging sales, the truth is that Disney’s own reliance on modern leftist messaging is the poison that’s slowly killing it.

Part of this is its dedication to “the message” which includes consistent references and propagandistic advertising of LGBT and Feminist politics. It can happen both in their products as well as the political sphere.

I don’t need to remind you that this is the same company that effectively turned against parents in Florida with its promises to fight what it called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill didn’t prohibit the use of the term gay at all, it just forced schools to cease teaching leftist politics such as LGBT ideology to children from the third grade and younger and forbid Florida schools from keeping secrets from parents.

The infiltration of leftist politics within its creations is likely one of the most significant factors driving people away Disney. The company’s support for Chinese censorship as well as pro-Chinese narratives created a big divide between itself and American viewers. Only recently did it begin defying the Chinese censors but did so in order to embrace LGBT politics in their children’s movies.

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Escapism and journeys to fantastic lands or the enjoyment of fun and interesting concepts are no longer Disney’s main priority. Everything must include a bit of western leftism. It renders the escapism unproductive and forces parents to walk away with their cash.

In addition, even though Disney tries to get adults back to their films, they are not getting any attention from adults. This brings us to Disney/Marvel’s latest release, “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Thor’s latest outing isn’t a flop per see, but he is one of Marvel’s more popular characters that has been around since the very beginning and his movie is doing poorly by Disney/Marvel standards. Why? Here are some reasons.

For starters, Disney’s aforementioned reputation is in the toilet and many people don’t want to hand them their hard-earned dollars purely out of spite. Moreover, they’ve taught audiences that they’re just putting out stinkers now. It’s been so disappointing in Phase 4, that not many people feel excited anymore about Marvel. I don’t know anyone in my immediate circle of friends who’s even seen “Eternals.”

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Disney is also known for their bait-and switch problem. If they advertise a strong male lead, then rest assured that he’ll be playing second fiddle to a stronger female lead. This leads me to the next reason Thor isn’t doing well. The central switch to that bait that is Thor was unpopular even before the movie was a twinkle in Disney’s eye.

This Thor entry revolves around “Female Thor” who is, to this day, one of the more unpopular characters released by the wokescolds at Marvel Comics. Female Thor was created as the latest modern feminist wave was reaching its zenith in 2014, and she came with all the ridiculousness you’d expect from feminist writers, including anti-male rants about the patriarchy and the sexism of men. It sold fairly well, but it caused a terrible divide among Marvel fans and left many people with a bitter taste.

The MCU would not have allowed her to go.

Then there was the issue of Taika Waititi’s directorial style. The humor was too much for him. Jokes were used to punctuate even the most difficult moments. Waititi is a filmmaker worth celebrating. “Thor: Ragnarok” was a fresh and desperately needed take on the character. Outside of Marvel, his film “JoJo Rabbit” ranks as one of my all-time favorite movies.

But as “The Critical Drinker” on YouTube points out, Waititi’s inability to let heavy moments linger makes the jokes fall short and feel forced.

Then, there’s the hypocrisy issue that was revealed right in the midst of the trailer. At one point in the film, Zeus flicks the clothing off of Thor in order to reveal his true identity but accidentally sends all of Thor’s clothes tearing off, revealing the fully nude body of Chris Hemsworth. It’s played off as a joke and if we were in a better time it would have been a solid laugh, but in today’s world, we have to wonder what the reaction would have been if this had happened to a woman on screen.

Angerful feminists and leftist activists would resound from all corners of the west with accusations of sexism. The film was not worth the effort.

And so, while Thor has made a decent amount of money in the theaters, it’s second week is suffering from a 68 percent droppoff, causing it to flag behind other 2022 releases as pointed out by Bounding Into Comics:

This ranks among the MCU’s worst 2nd weekend drop-offs, including Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness (-67%) and Black Widow (-68%). After two weeks of filming, the total worldwide cost for the movie is $497.9million. The international figure stands at $264.6million and the US at $233.3million. Insiders say that the film would need to reach $700 million worldwide to make a profit, due to the huge production costs.

Marvel alone spent $250 million on production. While it is expected to hit that mark, the performance will be considered a major disappointment for Marvel Studios who were expecting a billion dollars from the film starring one of the founding members of the MCU’s Avengers team.

Thor drops the ball, but it’s not just Thor that’s the issue. Disney has soured its audience against it little by little with one political statement after the next delivered both overtly and subversively, and now it’s beginning to see audience reactions to it in sales.

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