.005% of America Will Use Biden’s Passport Provision to Be a Genderless Alien – Opinion

Last week I reported that Joe Biden now allows Americans to travel the world as genderless entities.

This is my article

There are many options for you to go on a trip internationally with your man or woman.

You and your nonbinary friend can quickly paint the world with compliments of the Biden administration.

Starting April 11th, Americans may list “X” as the gender on their passports.

How many Americans would use the liberty to be either girl or boy legally? The University of California has a new study that suggests an answer.

UCLA School of Law think tank Williams Institute estimates the number of “nonbinary LGBTQ people in the U.S., ages 18-60” as 1,219,000.

As for what percentage of that populace will request passports with the Gender X marker annually, the Institute suggests 1.37% — or 16,700.

The U.S. nonbinary LGBTQ population, which is 16,700, could request passports with an “X” gender marker annually. This estimate is based upon current demand for X gender markers on driver’s licenses in states which allow such an option.

Here’s more:

[T]he average number of driver’s licenses with X gender markers issued per year in the 18 states with available data (13,804) was multiplied by 0.425 to create an estimate of how many passports with X gender markers may be requested and issued per year in these states (5,866). To calculate the percentage of nonbinary LGBTQ persons who request passports with X-generic markers per year, this estimate was divided by 18 states with available data. To calculate the possible number of passports with the X gender marker that could be requested and issued each year, the 1.37% figure was multiplied on the basis of 1 219,000 nonbinary LGBTQ Americans.

Worldometers reports that there are currently 335,000,000 Americans. 16.700 of these figures is.005%.

Are we living in such a miserable state that our federal policies are being designed to benefit.005%? It seems so.

The question of genderless travel is not as universal as it seems. You must be John or Jane in order to fulfill many requirements.

Hence, the Biden administration may have set up those it’s trying so hard to impress to reach a border they cannot cross.

However, this may not be true opportunistically. If an LGBTQIA+ member encounters difficulty entering a foreign land with “X” marking their spot, the story can simply be squashed as “malinformation” — information that is true but causes harm:

In a myriad of ways, that seems to be a concept on which much of our politics is currently based: Something may be true, but it shouldn’t be allowed because it’s harmful.

Back to ID’s, per USBirthCertificates.com, 25 states currently allow for genderless driver’s licenses.

It’s easy to imagine that’s where we’ll all end up. In the end, America won’t have any place where its left and right legs meet. It is only natural that as our languages become more dull due to our wakingness, our bodies will also follow suit.

Medical science, for people who don’t like the idea that they are neutral only on paper is coming along:

It is indeed remarkable to see the future.



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