‘You Are the New Rebels’ – Opinion

Along with the usual red meat bon mots in Donald Trump, Jr.’s CPAC 2022 closing speech, he showed his ability to improv. During his speech, a person shouted at Trump Jr. about crack pipes. Trump, Jr. accepted it.

“Because you have to be on crack to think that they’re doing a good job.”

It continued with the first volley. Trump Jr. was a skewed critic of the Biden Administration, but he kept his laser-focus on legacy media. This continues to support the Biden Administration and advance the agendas Americans oppose.

Trump Jr. moved quickly on the stage and reinforced his verbal jabs by arm movements. This was a great counterpoint to his laid back speaking style.

“What I’ve seen is not leadership,” he stated.

“There are certain things that we can’t pretend did not happen. The disgraceful events that took place in Afghanistan just a few short months ago.

“People understand strength. They can resolve. They know balls! Right now, our leadership has none of those things.”

This received uproarious applause, and an audience comment about Depends™.

Trump Jr. added to his argument by pointing out that, if Biden were not so awful, Americans wouldn’t be as awake to the destructive policies of Democrats. And like Fla. Rep. Byron Donalds urged, Trump, Jr. reiterated,

“We all have a lot to do.”

Trump Jr. shifted the emphasis to candidates who are fighting, and he shouted out Harriet Hagerman. Hagerman is currently looking for primary Wyo. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Egegious). However, he skilfully brought the matter back down to what’s important in 2022-2024.

“We need each and every one of you to be in the game 100 percent,” he encouraged.

“We need to be engaged, we need to be involved, we need to be all-in with every race.”

Trump Jr. stressed the importance of including local authorities, such as school boards and dog catchers.

Trump Jr. paid homage to President Trump’s role in activating the people.

“That’s what Trump did, folks. He made the entrance. We don’t have to fold under the narrative, we don’t have to lay down and die. You understand what is at stake.”

Trump Jr. quickly reacted to the tribute and paid tribute to many of the young conservatives that listened to the speech.

“Look at all the young people, too!” He exclaimed.

The speech received an enormous round of applause and standing ovation. Trump Jr. followed by reaching down to the stage to glad-hand those in front.

“It’s not easy being a young conservative,” he affirmed.

“You guys are the new rebels, you’re defying the culture. That’s why it’s awesome that you are here!”

Trump Jr. closed his speech with the following encouragement.

“We are the party of inclusion. We are the party of inclusion. So get out there and fight for it, because our constitution, our freedom, and our liberties are worth fighting for 100 percent.”

Trump, Jr., left the stage after a round of applause. He returned to the podium to present Lee Greenwood, the music artist who was previously inducted into CPAC Hall of Fame. Greenwood ended CPAC 2022 with his signature song, “God Bless the U.S.A.”, cementing another CPAC conference into the record books.

CPAC Dallas will continue its broadcast format for events, with CPAC Dallas continuing in August 2022.

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