Yale Medical Professor Blasts Biden for Working With COVID — It’s White Supremacy – Opinion

As you’re likely aware, Joe Biden has COVID. But what many may not know is that he’s practicing white supremacy.

According to an expert doctor, it is.

As reported by Twitchy, Dr. Kim Sue took to Twitter this week to wax on the White House’s business as usual. According to the PhD recipient, the President’s running on racism.

Dr. Kim declared the following on July 22nd:

“(Biden) sets a bad example for everyone that he cannot rest. COVID infection is serious, symptoms debilitating for many, and ppl should take time off without working through it.”

This entry started with a bang.

“POTUS working while having COVID infection epitomizes white supremacy urgency in the workplace.”

It’s an interesting idea, but not a new one.

As I noted earlier this month, Oregon’s equity and inclusion agency was scheduled to meet with two partner groups and the public. It was postponed for a number of reasons, including the following:

Thanks for your interest in the Community Conversation Between Regional Health Equity Coalitions, (RHECs), and Community Advisory Councils, (CACs), to discuss Community Investment Collaboratives. The white supremacy value associated with urgency can hinder more thoughtful, intentional work. Therefore we are committed to addressing this issue. At a later date, we will be in touch to discuss rescheduling.

WhiteSupremacyCulture.info confirms. KKK-ish urgency…

  • Sacrifices wisdom or knowledge that requires more time, such as intuition, spiritual, and embodied.
  • Inspires self-righteousness, shame and guilt to influence decision-making
  • Because of the need to make decisions fast, it is necessary that you can either/or reproduce thinking.
  • Unrealistic expectations of how much work can be done in a given time. This is linked to perfectionionism, which creates an urgency to ensure that everything meets our requirements.

As I wrote at the time, the Smithsonian’s on board — it’s labeled viewing time “as a commodity” a sign of “whiteness.”

But it’s more complex: The museum also deems “delayed gratification” putridly pale.

So white if you do, white if you don’t. What can we do to escape the Caucasian-caused chaos?

There is no place like ashen.

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Back to Biden, the issue isn’t helped by his previous remarks.

Fox News has gathered a few:

Who would listen to Dr. Kim anyway? Well, she’s a Harvard-trained Yale University alum. Additionally, she is a Yale University School of Medicine professor.

If the doctor’s diagnosis is correct, the White House is wickedly wrong. It does help, however: President Obama only seems to work an hour or so a day.



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