Women’s Swimming Coaches Association Officially Advises a New League for Transgenders – Opinion

According to many, letting males into female sports hasn’t gone swimmingly.

Although initially, it seemed that very few people were willing to contest the allowance’s validity, this seems to be changing.

And now, there’s something official from an alliance of coaches.

If you’re unfamiliar with the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA), per its website, the Texas-based group represents “the interests of the world’s swimming coaches with other national and international bodies or organizations, including [the International Swimming Federation (FINA)].”

A few of WSCA’s stated interests:

  • Recognizing outstanding performance by swimmers, coaches, and scientists in the sport of swimming.
  • Recommendation for the standardization of Rules, Regulations and Guidelines to be used by governing bodies of the sport of Swimming (including FINA and Continental Swimming Organizations).
  • Assisting in compliance with the WSCA by-laws as amended.
  • Promoting and encouraging swimming competition all over the world without doping, drugs or any other means of performance enhancement.

As for that last one, you’re no doubt aware of biological male Lia Thomas, who — according to Swimming World — “soared from a mid-500s ranking (554th in the 200 freestyle; all divisions) in men’s competition to one of the top-ranked swimmers in women’s competition.”

WSCA released a statement recognizing the importance of such a champion. The coaches have an all-new recommendation to preserve the integrity of women’s swimming — an arena previously determined by sex and now ruled by gender identity.

Much mulling, as stated in the online letter:

Dear Friends,

The WSCA Board spent a substantial amount of time, since the beginning of 2022, rewriting and drafting a Position Statement that will aid FINA to create their Transgender Policy.

WSCA reduced it down to just two options, each replacing the binary divide.


  • Female Division
  • Open Division


  • Female Division
  • Male Division
  • Open Division

Option 2 wins:

[It was the Board’s] clear preference… In receiving consultation from our membership at large, we received overwhelming support…and, with some edits made following this membership consultation, this will now be put to FINA for their consideration and support.

In its Position Statement on Transgender Swimming, WSCA lists five Key Pillars:

  1. The WSCA is dedicated to inclusion in competitive swimming.
  2. In terms of sporting performance, categorization via birth sex is the best and most practical division.
  3. Evidence indicates that it is fair for transgender people to be included in the sport of swimming either within a Male category and/or as athletes racing within a Male category but additionally entered within an ‘Open’ category.
  4. It is impossible to reconcile competitive fairness with the self-identification as a female swimmer in a sport that has gender issues, such as swimming. It is not uncommon for the average strength, stamina, or physique differences to be significant between the sexes. Even if testosterone suppression has been used, transgender women are likely to maintain the physical benefits listed above.
  5. The law allows for categorization of sex. Therefore, it is legal to ask about information regarding birth sex. A person is not obligated to give any information to a sporting organization.

Number five hosts a big “however”:

But, if the information is not provided, it should be considered that they are unable to compete in that category.


The sport of swimming should…provide options for those people who prefer not to advise of their sex or gender.

“For the sport of swimming,” the association says, “the inclusion of transgender people on the grounds of fairness cannot co-exist in the current competitive model. Swimming should choose to offer competition in which the female category is protected for reasons of competitive fairness.”

Might FINA, which touts itself as “a pillar of the Olympic Movement,” be interested?

Cultural life has become a dangerous place. Everything has been influenced by politics, including entertainment, education and science.

I believe that practically every institution decision must be taken with political consideration.

The World Swimming Coaches Association took a risky step. FINA will follow suit?

Surely 6′ 4″ Lia Thomas hopes not.

Women’s swimming once centered around…women’s swimming. For now, amid all the controversy, it’s stuck treading water in a pool of transgenderism.



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