Instagram Exec. Says Big Tech Should Step Back

Instagram CEO said that Big Tech needs to take an inward look at user content control.

Adam Mosseri is the Instagram head. Wired Information about moderation of social media content and its future.

Mosseri admitted to the content moderation controversy and stated that platforms must prioritize privacy over all else.

“I definitely acknowledge that historical tension,” he said. “There’s a fundamental tension between a centralized platform [like ours] and decentralized technologies like blockchain…There are very real reasons for that, privacy being paramount.”

He added that changes in the industry forced platforms to take “a different approach” to keep up with the world.

“But the world is changing. A platform’s greatest danger isn’t competition. However, competition poses a significant risk. The world is changing and you will find your platform irrelevant if you don’t want to change with it. This has been true for many companies across many industries. It’s a completely different approach from what we used to take in the past. That just shows that we’re open to embracing where the world is going.”

Mosseri observed that Instagram needed to strike a balance between safety and privacy.

“We can work on more than one thing at once,” he said. “Yes, we have responsibilities to keep people safe, and to be thoughtful about algorithmic responsibility. However, we have an obligation to provide value to Instagram users. This applies to creators and average people alike. Safety is incredibly important, but if we agree with those who say we shouldn’t build anything new as long as anything bad ever happens on Instagram, then we’re never going to build anything new ever again.”

He added that “something bad” would happen even if the platform policed content to an extreme level.

“With well over a billion people on our platform, even if we were an order of magnitude better, something bad will happen to someone somewhere,” he concluded. “That is the harsh reality of what it means to be a large platform.”

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