‘MAGA’ Teen Hires ‘Attorney for the Damned’ to Sue the Media

“Eye-popping damages.”

The family of Nicholas Sandmann, the “MAGA hat”-wearing Covington Catholic School student who became the subject of media fulmination this weekend, hired an attorney known for suing outlets for libel on Friday.

According to WCPO, the family met with Georgia attorney L. Lin Wood, who has agreed to represent Sandmann. The family’s current attorney Todd McMurtry said in a statement that Wood has “committed to bringing justice to 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and his family.”

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Wood has been nicknamed “attorney for the damned” by former CBS anchor Dan Rather. In a 2011 article by The Washington Post Wood is described as having “carved out a successful career representing the high-profile and falsely accused, often seeking eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press.”

Sandmann was made the center of a media frenzy after a manipulatively-cut video made the online rounds showing him seemingly taunting an elderly Native American, Nathan Phillips, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Phillips later appeared on multiple news outlets to accuse Sandmann and his classmates of mobbing him and a group of Black Hebrew Israelite protestors while chanting, “Build the Wall” — a depiction of events which was later revealed to be false.

And yet, prominent journalists had no qualms about joining the pile-on, condemning the teenager and even threatening him. Very few media members bothered with due diligence, instead relying solely on Nathan’s misleading account and the viral clip. Even once a video presenting a fuller version of the incident became public, many reporters held their ground, latching onto increasingly petty reasons to rebuke the kid.

The moral outrage didn’t fizzle even after a CNN report proved that the original deceptive video had been produced and spread by a foreign troll seeking to sow discord in American politics.

Wood did not share details about his legal plan of attack, but it is sure to raise 1st Amendments concerns, especially by a media class that sees itself as the true victim of this story.

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