Woke FTC to ‘Investigate’ and Possibly Freeze Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter on Anti-Trust Grounds – Opinion

Is there any corner of our government bureaucracy that isn’t overrun with woke, partisan operatives seeking to enact their political agendas? I think we all know the answer to that, and the latest example comes via the FTC moving to “investigate” Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter on…anti-trust grounds?

This comes after Democrats and their media allies have spent the last few weeks absolutely losing their minds over the fact that conservatives might have a single platform that doesn’t bias their policies against them.

Fox Business has some information.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reviewing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal with Twitter, setting up a deadline for a possible antitrust review, according to a Thursday report.

A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg the agency will decide next month whether to do an in-depth antitrust probe of the Twitter deal – a move that could delay its closing by months.

This is where I can help the FTC. Musk is not the owner of another social media company, and none of his companies are related to this sector. Musk’s purchase of Twitter does not constitute a violation of anti-trust laws. This saved me a lot of money and time.

However, the following timetable is important. The purchase will be delayed for several months if the FTC conducts a thorough review. You know what’s months away? That would be November’s mid-term election. Lina Khan is the chairwoman of FTC. She has been known to have ties with a left-wing group which actively lobby for its sale.

Would anyone doubt that Khan, who has made it her mission to “rein in big tech,” would use the levers of power she holds to gum up Musk’s acquisition just long enough for conservatives to remain censored going into the election? I know I wouldn’t.

Fox Business writes that the whole situation is theater. Musk was almost certain not to be in violation of any laws. The FTC was also against him after he had bought the initial 9 percent of Twitter stock, but not his entire purchase. Musk’s tweets in 2018 have also been the target of Musk’s SEC investigation.

These games will not stop Musk from closing the deal, and I don’t think they will. Clearly, he’s not violating anti-trust provisions. Yet, it’s also clear the left-wing apparatchiks within the federal government are going to do whatever they can to knee-cap the billionaire. However, I don’t think he will be quiet.

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