Outsports Calls Out Heterosexual Athletes For Being Nervous In Shower Around Gay People

Outsports publishes a Friday piece that might have been the most bizarre of all the subjects they choose to focus on when it comes to gay athletes.

Patrice Evra, a French former professional soccer player who played for West Ham in 2018, said that some of his teammates said aloud they would refuse to shower with any gay teammates, to which he took exception.

“I give the example … someone from the English federation came and he said ‘we need to accept everyone,’ and the amount of players that were like ‘no, if some of my team mates are gay they have to leave now, I won’t do any shower [with them],” Evra said. “I stand up and I say ‘shut up, shut up everyone, can you hear yourselves?’ We still don’t accept everyone. In the football world they are not open minded enough and it’s a shame.”

This quote serves as the starting point for the remainder of the article, which attempts to defend gay athletes while criticizing straight athletes who might be uncomfortable with sharing their bathrooms with those they might find attractive.

Now, the article actually builds a logical argument in all the ways you’d need: first person sources, points supported by logical explanation, etc. However, the article’s tone does something wrong in arguments: it attacks your opponent and makes them feel bad.

Some gay male athletes may be hesitant to shower with their teammates. This is normal. However, the article makes fun of heterosexual males who feel uncomfortable in a potentially awkward situation.

“We’ve heard this idiotic trope for decades, that somehow gay men might pose a threat to straight men in the showers,”the article states. “The idea is that if you’re left alone with a gay man and a bar of soap, he may… physically assault you? Settle in front of you, staring longingly at your naked body? Be left unable to resist your naked body?”

For a community that wants to be accepted, they’re not really doing a great job at respecting the people they want to accept them.

In reality, LGBT activists are using this type of humiliating logic to their advantage. Gay people will shame other gays for living a life that is not humanly right, forcing them to accept them because of their fear.

And that’s what this article does, almost to the letter.

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