Why using a straightening iron is safer than using hair straightening chemicals

Many women straighten their hair on a regular basis. Women that do straighten their hair likely already know that doing so can damage their hair. Unfortunately, hair straightening may cause worse problems than simply a few split ends. Thankfully, it is possible for women to straighten their hair and still avoid the majority of these problems. 

See below for more info on how you can safely straighten your hair and get the exact results you want. 

Straightening irons have their drawbacks

If you have used straightening irons before, you know that they do have their drawbacks. For one, straightening irons can take a long time to use. Also, you may need to use a straightening iron frequently if you want your hair to be perfectly straight.

Straightening irons work by removing the moisture from your hair. This is why using these appliances can cause dry hair and split ends. Using straightening irons heavily may even cause hair to fall out. This can happen if the hair follicles are damaged. These issues lead many women to try hair straightening chemicals. After all, using these products is certainly quicker and more convenient than using a straightening iron. However, this choice may have serious consequences.

Hair straightening chemicals are much more dangerous

As annoying as having to use a straightening iron constantly can be, hair straightening chemicals are more than just an annoyance. These products commonly contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These chemicals change the levels of hormones produced by the body and how sensitive the body is to hormones. EDCs can cause fertility problems and cancer, among many other health issues. In fact, a recent study links the regular usage of hair relaxers or hair straighteners to uterine cancer. 

Using hair straightening chemicals with a straightening iron can be even more dangerous

If you have very curly or wavy hair, simply using hair straightening chemicals or a straightening iron may not give you perfectly straight hair so the results are not going to be what you want. And you will no longer have healthy hair. Many women in this situation use both hair straightening chemicals and straightening irons. However, this may cause an additional health issue. Quite a few hair-relaxing chemicals and hair-straightening chemicals release formaldehyde gas when exposed to heat. This can occur when using a straightening iron on hair that has been treated with a hair-relaxing product. Formaldehyde gas can cause skin and eye irritation. It is highly toxic, and it’s best known for its use by morticians who are embalming dead bodies. It is also known to be a cancer-causing chemical.

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Natural hair straightening solutions are worth a try

If you want to avoid hair relaxers and cancer, you may want to try natural hair straightening compounds. Of course, these compounds will probably not be as strong as hair-straightening chemicals. However, they will be much safer. You can also use a straightening iron together with these compounds. Some of the best natural hair straightening solutions include rice flour and egg, milk and honey, eggs and olive oil, and even coconut milk and lemon juice. 

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