Why the Atlanta Braves Are Baseball’s Worst Nightmare – Opinion

Los Angeles Dodgers are now two games behind Atlanta Braves. Sunday’s win was 5-4. This follows the previous game’s walk-off single by Austin Riley.

It is a surprise to most baseball enthusiasts that the Braves not only lead the series, but are also leading in all series. Since mid-July, Ronald Acuña Jr., arguably the team’s best player, has been out with a torn ACL. Atlanta’s roster has decidedly less star power than the defending World Series champion Dodgers. However, heroes continue to emerge nightly and propel the team forward.

It is well nigh impossible to believe the Braves’ good fortune thus far is being viewed with zero enthusiasm at MLB headquarters in New York. From a national interest point, certainly, the prospect of either a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series, featuring two of baseball’s most storied franchises in a rematch of the 2018 series won by Boston, or Dodgers-Astros revisiting the 2017 series won by Houston in something less than honorable fashion, would be the desired ticket. Are they the non-PC Braves The unseemly nickname and the tomahawk on the uniform. They are located not only in the vile South, but also in the voting-restricted state of GEORGIA! Why, it’s enough to make Gertrude Wokenheimer gag on her gazpacho.

This is what sports are all about. The ball doesn’t care about the color of its skin, but it does care where it lives. It is not the concern of the Braves that the players are loyal to Atlanta. The Braves players clearly love playing with one another and their talent for dramatic play is entertaining for all but Dodgers fans.

This series is not over. If any major league team can rip off four wins in the next five games, it’s the Dodgers. Still, after the childish virtue-signaling baseball commissioner Rob Manfred bathed in by yanking this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta after the state passed a comprehensive voting reform law, wouldn’t it be sweet justice indeed to watch him have to present the World Series championship trophy there?

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