Why Rose is the Perfect Brunch Drink

Rose’ can be the perfect brunch drink.  Girls tend to like Rose’.  Usually the regular champagne/orange juice mimosa is the brunch drink but now the canned rose’ wine has come into competition.   There are many different types of mimosa’s now.  It’s nice to have so many different choices.  As you can see there are at least 13 different rose’ mimosas for brunch.  If someone is creative, they can make up their own combination of different flavors to go with rose’ for a tasty, refreshing brunch drink.  When you are out for brunch and the children are with you, they can have the non- alcoholic mimosa with orange juice.

Here is a list of the different kinds of rose’ mimosa for a refreshing brunch drink 

1.     Rose’ Grapefruit Mimosa

2.     Pink’ Rose Mimosa

3.    Pink Mimosa Punch

4.    Blushing Rose’ Mimosa

5.     Grapefruit Rose’ Mimosa

6.     Strawberry Guava Mimosa

7.     Rose’ Ole Brunch Punch

8.     Watermelon Rose’ Mimosa

9.     Blood Orange Mimosa

10.   Lychee Rose’ Mimosa

11.   Orange Raspberry Mimosa

12.   Cherry Rose’ Mimosa

13.   Orange Creamsicle Mimosa

 Rose’ Brunch drinks can be served at a mother day brunch, bridal showers, girl’s night out and baby showers.  They also look very pretty in the tall flutes.  When using Rose’ for a brunch drink you will use the rose’ canned wine.  Rose’ has a sweeter taste.   Makes a fun brunch drink.  All of these Rose’ brunch drinks have recipes that are on the internet.  They all give the ingredients you need to make a wonderful rose’ brunch drink.  You can also substitute the rose wine for rose’ champagne.  It’s your choice.  Also do both kinds. It’s fun to experiment with different flavors. The rose’ canned wine is great to use.  No bottles to drop or break.  No mess when pouring into the glass.  Easier to open than the bottles.  The canned wines seem to be the rage now.  Something so different than the bottles.  If you are transporting the ingredients then the cans are so much easier and not as heavy.  They are also cheaper than your typical bottle.  Using cans versus bottles are better because there will probably be no waste.  The canned rose can fill a glass.  It’s always hard to judge how many bottles you need when you have them for a brunch or a party brunch.  The other advantage is the canned rose has no sugar and very little carbs which is great for someone watching their weight.  They won’t feel the quilt when drinking a fancy rose’ canned wine drink.

Seriously think about using rose’ canned wine. They will be fun to make.  When using the canned rose’ you can do many different recipes at a brunch party.  The rose’ canned wine is easier to handle than the bottle and you can make the brunch drink faster.  If you want to use a punch bowl then you would just empty how many cans of rose’ you need and add all the ingredients and everyone can get their own.  It might be easier and take less time to make individual brunch drinks.  They will be ready when your guests arrive.  The rose’ canned wine can also be used as door prizes if you are doing any games at these parties especially showers.  They always have fun games to play and I’m sure the guests would be happy to have a free rose canned wine.  If they never tried them before it might be a new drink that they will buy and use at their family gatherings or other functions.  It makes for good advertisement.

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