The Pros and Cons Of Having A Gender Reveal Celebration.

Even though baby showers are held more often, there are various reasons as to why gender reveal celebrations are taking place more than ever before.

Here are the pros of having a gender reveal party.

Everyone will be notified of the big news. You can make sure that everyone gets the news at the same time, by taking this opportunity to announce the news during the event.

A gender reveal party will be more fun for you compared to a baby shower. That is because there are no rules or traditions that you have to stick to. When it comes to a gender reveal party, you can plan everything according to how you desire. Moreover, you can also decorate the place as you wish and invite whoever you want at your gender reveal party. Use gold or silver push pop confetti, your choice.  As for revealing the gender of the unborn child, you can get creative and make the moment interesting by making everyone wonder whether you expect a baby girl or boy. You can decorate your place using blue or pink colors depending on the gender of your unborn child.

Such activity will keep all the guests excited. That is because everyone will appreciate the fact they heard the news first. Moreover, this will also ease the pressure of wondering what to bring during the baby shower since all the guests will be aware of the unborn child’s gender.

The good thing about a gender reveal party is that everyone can be part of it and the celebration is more focused on the baby’s gender and not the struggles faced by a pregnant woman during motherhood.

You can celebrate and make good news memorable. A reveal party gives you an opportunity to share the good news with those who are close to you. Besides sharing the good news, you also get to celebrate this great revelation together.

Furthermore, who does not love a well detailed unexpected surprise? It is just like having a one-time opportunity to announce to the world that you are pregnant or propose to someone special. Hosting this kind of party is a one-time opportunity to inform those close to you about the gender of the expected child.

Reveal parties also come with a few cons such as the ones listed below.

The time required to plan. There are a lot of details that you need to incorporate such as décor, food, and even the invitations. All these activities can take days or weeks to plan. This can even be more difficult if you are learning how to be a parent and working at the same time. The whole planning can be stressful.

How much it will cost you. You are aware that raising your child will cost you a lot and you have considered your budget as a vital factor to emphasize on henceforth. The expenses might reduce because of the baby shower and gifts for the newborn. But, when it comes to gender reveal parties, you do not expect to get any gifts.

Even though gender reveal parties are exciting, these cons are the major reasons why most people are discouraged from hosting such an event. Moreover, you can try and change the rules so that you can benefit from the event.

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