‘White Is Right’: Undefeated Blog Whining About Fired Minority NFL Coaches

Just days after the NFL’s annual dismissal of failed head coaches, the ESPN blog, The Undefeated, went on another of its patented race rants. Two of the head coaches fired at the end of the season were black, prompting veteran race baiter Jason Reid to moan “white is right.”

After the firing of Houston’s and Miami’s black head coaches, Reid wrote that “club owners through their actions have made something resoundingly clear: Only white is right. There’s just no other way to view it.”

They must perform miracles when Black assistants manage to break the white hiring ceiling. “Just ask (fired Houston Coach David) Culley,” Reid says of the head coach who presided over just four wins by the Texans this season.

Reid claims that Culley was created to fail.:

“The Texans set up Culley to fail like someone paid them to do it. Sonny Corleone had a better chance with the Jones Beach Causeway. The Godfather than Culley did in his only season working for the franchise run by team chairman and CEO Cal McNair.”

Culley’s hands were tied by a “weak roster” with star quarterback Deshaun Watson sidelined by an ongoing investigation into alleged sexual misconduct. Reid stated that Culley was never allowed to use the professional bowler. Any incoming coach would have known this.

Any incoming coach – no matter his race — was bound to be a sacrificial lamb on a team without a productive quarterback. Culley, who was 65 years old and had never served as a head coach, was a newcomer to the coaching profession. He was primed for a short go of it, given the team’s circumstances. But does that mean “white makes right?” Get real!

J.J. Watt, a long-time star defensive player, also left the team, which hurt the line. No matter what race, any incoming coach would be short-term.

However, no one should fire the head coach of a four-win team that played hard to the end, in Reid’s opinion. Particularly a minority coach.

“Look, from the moment Culley was hired, it was clear that the McNair family didn’t view him as the long-term solution to their head-coaching situation,” Reid whined. “The McNair-Culley pairing seemed more like an arranged marriage than a love connection.”

Houston, according to Reid, did Culley “dirty,” just like Arizona did in 2018 with Steve Wilks, a black coach who won only three games. Reid heard from many fired black coaches that they believe this to be a common occurrence for them as opposed to white coaches. Reid is the husband of MSNBC’s Joy Reid — another all-pro race-baiter — so he’s short on objectivity.

Brian Flores took Miami on a wild three-season roller coaster ride and was dispatched after compiling a 24-25 record. Culley didn’t have a chance to give Flores another season. He had a 5-11 record last season. His Dolphins enjoyed 7-game winning streaks and a losing streak this season.

Regardless of that, the Reid claim of “white makes right” is baseless. It’s just race is the bass at The Undefeated.

Reid alleges that the NFL is struggling with Black head coach. This comes just before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Reid claims that the chance for racial equality in football is a pipe dream.

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