White House Shamelessly Deflects When It Comes to COVID Misinfo From Biden and Sotomayor – Opinion

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a tough time today when she got some laser-focused questions on COVID from Fox’s Peter Doocy that exposed the Biden administration’s erroneous comments and failed policies.

Doocy put her and Joe Biden on the spot with a question that deserves an answer: Why does Biden keep calling COVID a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when the vaccinated can both get it and spread it? Biden lies and deceives people when he repeats this refrain.

Psaki’s response was a non-answer, never addressing the actual question. She doesn’t explain why he keeps spreading misinformation. She suggests that some people may feel the virus more severely if they are not vaccinated. That doesn’t address the transmission. “Breakthrough cases?” Vaccinated people are getting it right and left. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), announced she had it yesterday, even though she was vaxxed. Meanwhile, Biden and Democrats — rather than treating this with sense — have whipped people on the left into a frenzy, demonizing the unvaccinated, rather than treating COVID like the virus it is. It is possible to get COVID from anyone, even those who have been vaccinated.

Then Doocy asked her what happened to the testing — why was it so unavailable when they’d promised to have it for Americans when Joe Biden himself spoke, threatening a “winter of severe illness and death.” They rejected a plan for the holidays. Now Doocy makes the good point that they aren’t going to have it for weeks, likely after the Omicron surge has died down. She said there was a surge as though they couldn’t have anticipated that. They were told there would be a surge and were therefore offered a plan.

They claim that they’re against COVID misinformation yet they’ve been some of the biggest purveyors of misinformation that there are. Doocy asked what was the White House’s comment on the misinformation being spread by Justice Sonia Sotomayor about the COVID effect on children. Sotomayor stated that 100,000 children were in severe condition and many of them are on ventilators. This is a claim that can be easily disproved. This is quite alarming. The White House did not comment on her statements.

Finally, I’d like to note what Joe Biden said on Dec. 23. He stated that testing was being done and would be available at the start of January.

That’s a flat-out lie, as they hadn’t even signed the contracts yet when he said that. While some contracts have been signed now, they still haven’t signed all of them according to Fox’s Peter Doocy today. These tests will not be completed for at least a few weeks. It’s already the beginning of January, Joe. Are the tests missing? The surge will already be completed by the time the tests are received.

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